Update on BQE Repair Plans

Mary Frost in The Eagle has a comprehensive report on the Department of Transportation’s virtual community meeting Thursday evening discussing plans for interim repairs to the BQE this summer. Your correspondent also attended; here are some quick takeaways:

1. The work will take place at three locations: below the foot of Grace Court, below the Clark Street entrance to the Promenade, and in a DOT garage with an entrance from Furman Street, below Joralemon Street. The work at Grace Court and Clark Street, which will take place at night and on weekends over a period of several months, will be noisy. The DOT will monitor decibel levels and try to keep them within an “acceptable” range. The DOT will also do all possible to prevent or minimize dust pollution. The repair work should not generate any noticeable vibrations. Asked if this project will include efforts to minimize vibrations from traffic, the DOT reoresentative said it would not.

2. When traffic is diverted during closures of some lanes of the BQE, it will be sent to designated bypasses through Downtown Brooklyn. Traffic Agents will be positioned to keep traffic from using Hicks, Henry, or Clinton streets as bypasses. This may affect those trying to reach destinations in the Heights, as they may have to take circuitous routes.

3. Although the Promenade is on the highest level of the cantilevered structure to which the repairs are being made, it will not be affected.

4. Anita Navalurkar of DOT will provide regular updates on the repair project. To receive her updates email anavalurkar@dot.nyc.gov

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  • Mike Suko

    Anybody else have a VERY STRONG FEELING that we’re getting some expensive band-aids in lieu of surgery. One of Andrew’s photos from at least a couple of years back sticks in my mind. It showed exposed rebar somewhere on/adjacent to Furman St. Probably not strictly by chance, a similar photo accompanied the Eagle story – basically, a summary of the City’s “release.”

    Talk about whack-a-mole. Buried in the article was something I guess I missed up to now – what you don’t get done by October has to wait the better part of a year to next get considered. During which time, of course, whatever it is likely has gotten worse.

    We all “put things off” on occasion, but for our “get things done” Mayor to keep kicking this can down the road is fiscal madness … in inflationary times and with a very real danger that both Albany & DC will be even LESS inclined to lend us a hand 1-3 years out.

  • Jorale-man

    I guess there’s no open thread this week?

    On the BQE question, yes, issues like this make me understand why Robert Moses was able to build the power that he did – for better and for worse, he actually got things done.

  • nomcebo manzini

    There’s an interesting article in the NYT a day or 2 back about zoning in connection with converting office buildings to residential use. (Yes, I know that seems to have NOTHING in common with the BQE.)

    The article talks goes on to describe the very complex process of getting anything built in NYC. “Moses” is still more of a cuss word than anything else when it comes to urban planning, but you’re right – while we all fear that huge concentrated power will lead to bad decisions – did HE care about the downside of his “trench” approach? – we also hate a seemingly endless pre-construction process. I’m old enough to know that I lack the wisdom to find the happy medium intellectually, and – of course – with $Billions at stake, any change (Adams’ proposed “less red tape,” for example) will not be made by philosophers.

    FWIW, we seem to have the worst of both worlds with extensive “community involvement” … that slows things down … without – to my eyes – doing anything more than checking the box that “We got their input.” Sure looks like that potentially valuable substance is given little or no heed.

  • Effective Presenter

    We see it best that Ewic Adams continue to kick the can down the road and the next mayor who we hope has more sense take on the mammoth project.

    We fear a repeat of the Wythe Ave construction zone debacle around 1987 the contractor went bankrupt disappeared weeds and debris covered the area as cars were diverted off the BQE into Williamsburg back on at Tillary Street for years.

    For a variety of reasons, we don’t see Adams as the guy to get the BQE done.

  • Effective Presenter

    Robert Moses had been a master builder and VERY well connected with powers that be in New York City and the State of New York