An All Too Common Sight in Brooklyn Heights

This had traffic tied up and pedestrians re-routing at Hicks and Montague streets for some time early this afternoon.

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  • streeter

    This truck is illegal on every single square inch of Brooklyn’s streets.
    I see trucks of this length daily, often on Atlantic, frequently bringing traffic to a halt, and our pals at the precinct have zero interest in doing anything about it. Even though the trailer usually has a big 53 on it that clearly indicates that the vehicle is oversize. And clearly they’re not stopped when entering the city, either.
    Shady dispatchers have taken advantage of the lack of enforcement for years.
    Oversize is probably Overweight, too, so we can thank all parties involved in this corruption for our problems with the BQE triple cantilever, too.

  • aeshtron

    Self enforcing streets please.

  • Jorale-man

    I bet it blared its loud, highway-suited horn a few times for good measure.

  • Claude Scales

    I’ll give the driver credit for not doing that. He was blocked by cars parked on both sides of Hicks. Of course the “Ding! Ding!” sounded every time he backed up, which was frequently.

  • Effective Presenter

    Mr Scales,

    We suspect that driving a truck is a VERY difficult job?

    Think about how this truck drivers day had been wrecked?

    Maps and navigation apps have their problems, nearly 20 years living on Montague Terrace we met several truck drivers looking for Pierrepont Plaza and NOT Pierrepont Place.

    A HUGE truck stuck at Montague Street and Pierrepont Place needs to turn to Cadman Plaza and Pierrepont Street, to thwart that attempt, a legally parked car, often a NYC Department of Transportation Medical Doctor oCall, or Handicappd Parking placard complicated the problem.

    The day of a truck driver does not appear to be easy.


  • Claude Scales

    I meant no disrespect for the driver. Several years ago I saw from my window a truck with a long trailer trying to turn from Montague to Pierrepont Place. I went down and asked the driver if I could help him find a way to wherever he was going. He said he was trying to get to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and his navigation system directed him to go across Montague Street to the BQE(!). I told him to turn right on Pierrepont, turn left onto Cadman Plaza, then follow signs to the BQE. (I know about the hazards of GPS, which once directed me to drive a rental car across Borough Hall Park to get from Montague to Adams Street.)
    I just wish there was an effective way to prevent oversize trailers from entering our narrow streets. That would save drivers lots of problems.

  • KDHicks

    Way too many trucks (and other pass-through traffic) use Hicks to bypass the BQE. It would be great if they could direct this traffic to less residential areas — maybe by BBP, under the BQE? There’s definitely been an uptick of massive trucks in the neighborhood.

  • nomcebo manzini

    I wonder if some of the supply chain problems are as simple as this? “Economies of scale” are a wonderful thing, in theory, but with every passing year, higher percents of people are “urban.” UPS happens to have vehicles that generally have no problems making turns (and we consumers pay for all their parking tickets.) Amazon – even more so – presumably, because that company is smart enough to know that even going “back to base” 5x a day is better than the time sure to be lost if their fleet had larger vehicles.

    Also, I have to think that truckers have some app better than Google Maps. If not, there’s a business opportunity of an alluring size. Think of how many moving companies & moves would benefit, not to mention a gazillion “deliveries.”