City Council Redistricting Training Session on Zoom Tuesday Evening

There’s been a lot of press coverage lately about Congressional and State Senate redistricting, but work is getting underway on redrawing City Council districts. Brooklyn Heights is presently included in District 33, represented by Lincoln Restler (photo). There’s a map of the district on Council Member Restler’s website. It’s an odd looking district, indeed. The word “gerrymander” was first applied to a congressional district that looked like a salamander. District 33 appears to have a bird’s head, a long thin neck, and a grotesque four legged body with spines on its back. It has had this shape for some years.

Word is that District 33 may be in line for downsizing because census data show its population has increased. One possibility would be to cut off its northern part, which includes Greenpoint, where Mr. Restler, who grew up in Brooklyn Heights, now lives, and include that in a different district. There’s still plenty of opportunity for citizens to be involved in the redistricting process. The Brooklyn Heights Association, in partnership with the Citizens Union Foundation, will present on Zoom this Tuesday evening, May 24 from 6:30 to 8:30 a “training session that will explain how all of us can be involved in the New York City Council redistricting process.” If you want to attend please RSVP to and you will be sent a Zoom link on Tuesday.

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  • nomcebo manzini

    Of course, NYC (at least for now) is almost a one-party town – and I’m not sorry, although I wish that the “liberal wing” didn’t have the misfortune that diBlasio’s 8 years was … so that someone even worse in most ways now steers the ship.

    But I probably voted for that Const’l Amendment that that upstate judge hung his hat on when he nixed the politician-drawn (“winner take all”) lines a few weeks back.

    That is, SOMETHING ought to go into drawing lines beyond the ease with which an incumbent can hold (especially now that term limits make that much less valuable) … and that one party can have quite a few more representatives than its share of the popular vote would dictate.

    It’s easy for me to imagine that Republicans COULD successfully challenge a map where districts are egret-shaped, just because…. WOULDN’T the City and its citizens be better off, for example, if Mr. Restler did not have to “balance” the needs of Greenpoint against those of Brooklyn Heights? “Constituent service” probably is and should be a CM’s 1st or 2nd priority – why make it 5x more difficult than it would be if the district was a lot more compact?!