Ice Cream Trucks a Problem?

Mary Frost, in the Eagle, has a story about DUMBO residents who “have had it with the noisy, fume-spewing ice cream trucks clogging their streets and sidewalks.” However, if you follow the link and read to the end of Mary’s story, you’ll find some reports of Brooklyn Heights residents complaining about noise and fumes from trucks parked on Cadman Plaza West, and on Middagh and Hicks streets. Mary notes that BHB reader and commenter Roberto Gautier

has been sounding the alarm about the pollution being spread by the diesel truck on Cadman and others parked nearby for years. Gautier points out that parts of London have banned the diesel trucks, and hopes he can push the city to do likewise here.

Meanwhile, he is arranging a study to measure the pollution levels from the truck on Cadman and one that parks near P.S. 8 on Hicks Street.

Back in May of 2012 there were complaints on Open Thread Wednesday about fumes and noise from a truck regularly parked next to the Pierrepont Playground, at the conjunction of Pierrepont Street, Pierrepont Place, and Columbia Heights. The truck is still regularly there – your correspondent lives at Montague Street and Pierrepont Place, and can see it from a window – but the problems seem to have been alleviated.


What say you, readers? Any specific, or general, complaints?

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  • Pierhouse Dad

    Ha! My kids (As you so astutely determined from my identity obscuring moniker) prefer helping out the local storefronts at Emack&Bolios on Montague or Odfellows in Dumbo. No gas fumes included!

  • Local_Montague_Man

    Arch, don’t know what we would do without you. so entertaining, please keep it up

  • Pierhouse Dad

    I did a personal scientific assessment with my Home Depot dB meter (which I always carry with me) and the sound of the BQE at PPlayground is approximately 75dB which is acceptable for 8hours. The generator is approximately 95dB which exposure should be limited to 1 hour which means our kids are not only getting fat from ice cream, they can’t even safely work it off in the park!! ;) LOL

  • Andrew Porter
  • StudioBrooklyn

    If you could smell the generator you’d know it isn’t diesel. I’d love it if Mike could afford a truck that ran on electric but he can’t. If this point is important to you, and if you hypothetically cared about Mike as a neighborhood institution, I’d suggest you start raising funds for him. Maybe Pierhouse Dad can get involved, since the numbers probably look a lot different to him than they do to someone like me.

    But you made it clear that you’d rather just see him gone because he sells food that, if it were a staple of anyone’s diet, would be very unhealthy.

    But if I’m following the logic of your “crap calories” argument, you’re saying that the mayor (or some government administration) should ban ice cream trucks. If the issue is easy calories, it follows that they should also ban stores that exclusively sell high-calorie foods, such as most restaurants, ice cream shops, parts of supermarkets and coffee shops, and the list goes on. And to recap, what brought you to this line was the idea that caretakers are incapable of saying “no” when an ice cream truck is present.

    I really think that anyone commenting here who’s against Mike’s truck spend some time talking to him about your concerns. See what he has to say. I won’t speak in support of any other ice cream vendors, but Mike is different and definitely worth getting to know.

    Until you give that an honest try, I really don’t have the energy to keep arguing with you here, and I don’t really expect to change your mind. Mike’s not going anywhere so if you’re butt-hurt about his truck and the products he sells you should probably talk to him anyway.

  • Andrew Porter

    The New York Times did an article on May 20th about ice cream trucks in the UK, and the same concerns were addressed. There are plans to make all such British trucks electric:

  • Heightsguy77

    I absolutely love Mike. He’s a great guy, knows my and my child’s name and is nothing but a pleasure to talk to. He’s also a die hard Yankee fan, which I appreciate. I will say, despite all of this, I hate the sound and smell of his refrigeration system. I really love that it hasn’t been up and running. I’ve seen some “calculations” by some commenters. I notice both the sound and the smell of the refrigeration/generator and I don’t like it. I am much happier without it. Yes, the BQE can be loud and smelly, but there’s no doubt of the sound/smell of the truck refrigerator/generator. The only more annoying smell is marijuana on the promenade, but that is a different story. I hope Mike stays in the truck and is successful at Pierrepont WITHOUT the soft serve and the sound/smell that goes with it.

  • Arch Stanton

    LOL, Jupiter is happy.

  • Arch Stanton

    So you are imparting you prejudices to your children, figures.

  • Arch Stanton

    Thank you Sir, If you opened your mind you find me enlightening as well.

  • South Brooklyn Boys

    Bah humbug 8gdc! Mike is a great guy and my kids love getting an ice cream from him. At what point in life do you turn into that grump person?

  • South Brooklyn Boys

    Jorale-man – were you ever young? My kids are skinny and love ice cream from Mike.

  • South Brooklyn Boys

    I agree. They don’t remember the joy of getting an ice cream from a truck when they were young. The music would be annoying but Mike doesn’t play it!

  • 8gdc

    No one’s saying anything bad about Mike. The smell and noise from the ice cream truck’s generator is horrible. From a parent’s point of view, I’d much rather be sitting in the Harry Chapin playground because it doesn’t have an ice cream truck perpetually sitting there.

  • Daddyo

    You missed the point: Dumbo never was (and never will be) “charming.”