Transit Authority President To Meet With Community About Clark Street Elevator Repair

The Eagle’s Mary Frost reports that Transit Authority President Andy Byford will be at a town hall meeting at St. Francis College on Monday, September 16 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM to discuss and answer questions about plans for repair of the elevators at the Clark Street station, which serves the 2 and 3 subway lines. For some time, there have been rumors that the MTA would shut the station down completely for a year while the three frequently malfunctioning elevators, which are the only practicable means of entrance to and egress from the deeply buried subway platforms (there is a ten story staircase used only in emergencies), are repaired. Merchants whose shops are on the arcade leading to the subway turnstiles have said that a one year closure would doom their businesses.

So far, the MTA has not responded to questions concerning whether there will be a complete closure or repair of the elevators in sequence. Mr. Byford may finally give that answer.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons; Jim Henderson.

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  • Chris Bastian

    Just to clarify; Andy Byford is the President of New York City Transit.

  • A Neighbor

    Monday or September 18?

  • Claude Scales

    That’s what I get for believing headlines. Will correct.

  • Claude Scales

    Monday, September 16. Will correct on the top post.