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Resident Permit Parking — brilliant, insane or elitist?

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  • BP

    Resident Permit Parking _sounds_ nice, but who is to decide who gets the permits? There are obviously more cars owned by locals than there are spaces available. Here’s an idea.. take the subway. Or (midget-)pony up and pay for parking. Parking around here pretty much sucks already, so you’re just wasting time space-hunting and moving for alternate side parking.

  • JL

    Parking Permit: As a former resident of Hoboken (I know I know, the shame), another city with an awful parking problem, I don’t think it’s bad idea to have the permits, however, they are useless if not enforced. In Hoboken, if you parked in a residential spot on the street (easily marked by green signs along that street) without a permit, you were almost always towed or booted (or ticketed if lucky). People learned real fast not to park in those spots, else risk the consequences. As far as distribution, anyone could receive a permit provided they showed ALL of the following: License with Hoboken address, Registration with Hoboken address, and Insurance card with Hoboken address. To get the above anyway you need to show the DMV your local bills, etc. (They really wanted to be sure it wasn’t out of towners using the spots for parking while they worked in NYC). I imagine BH could use something similar based on zip code/address. Fee was nominal, about $10 year for the permit (you did have to apply yearly, no automatic renewal without documenation).

  • pbdotc

    i had a local permit in annapolis about 10 years ago — overall i think it was a big pain. as a solution for local parking woes i don’t think it’s where the rubber hits the road, as it were.

  • hkjh

    Just because you have a permit doesn’t mean you get a space. If you want a guaranteed space you’d have to pay for parking. Just like now. But it would cut down on the people who drive in from LI and park in the heights and subway in the rest of the way. The study said that 40% of cars parked in the heights on weekdays were commuters. Those are the cars they are trying to lose.

  • Tim N.

    Permit Parking is long overdue!

    If Columbia Heights and Henry Street were left open to everyone, but Hicks and Willow and the cross streets open only to residents (you could apply by address) it would certainly help… and it is totally morally justifiable to allow parking only to residents (who live there and pay taxes and keep up the nabe that all these LIers are so anxious to visit) to park there. They are the ones who can take the train for a change.