Heights Casino Coaches Accused of Sexual Harassment of Local Teens

Apparently, membership does NOT have its privileges.  A local family says their daughters were sexually harassed by three of the club’s squash pros and the Casino did little about it. The NY Post reports, “Julie and Edward Burke claim The Heights Casino on Montague Street, “reluctantly” investigated their allegations, but hid its findings and disciplined no one, according to a petition filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court.” The papers also claim several other families complained to the Casino board.

Laurent Elriani, 42, husband of junior squash program director Linda Elriani allegedly compared the bust sizes of his young charges. Alberto Rezende is said to have openly bragged about engaging in carnal delights within close proximity to Bar Mitzvah guests when the club was “overrun” by children.  A third, Fabian Kalaitzis, 43 reportedly flaunted his tinder account in front of young girls.

A spokesperson for the Brooklyn Heights Casino said, “All allegations of misconduct were thoroughly investigated by an independent third party and dealt with accordingly. We view this lawsuit as a baseless attempt to slander the Heights Casino and plan to defend our club vigorously.” The Elriani’s deny the allegations as false and are planning to “clear their good names” with a counter-suit.

For some back story on the historic Flemish Revival building and the club’s less than inclusive past membership practices, check out Chuck Taylor’s archived post from 2012. The blog will post any further details of the case as it develops.




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  • Semite

    Anyone who would associate with this anti-Semitic group of s#!theels deserves what they get. The Casino is a blight.

  • HreightsGuy77

    I have a very good friend who is a long standing member there and is also jewish. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but what evidence/experiences do you have over the last 20 years that the Casino is anti-semitic?

  • Herman on Henry

    That’s the best argument you have for not liking the Casino?