Travails of Eighteen Wheelers in Brooklyn Heights

Several days ago, your correspondent spotted this huge tractor-trailer rig trying unsuccessfully to turn from Montague to Hicks Street. Its way was blocked by a smaller bread delivery truck parked on the west (left) side of Hicks, close to the intersection. I didn’t stay around to see how this finally was resolved (I had to make it to my day job), but I suspect it was when the bread truck driver, having finished his delivery, showed up and moved.

IMG_1726Behind the big rig was an FDNY ambulance; fortunately not on an emergency mission, as its siren was silent, as were the horns of the cars stopped behind it.

Earlier the same day, a similar eighteen wheeler tried to make a left from Montague to Pierrepont Place (perhaps because the same bread truck was blocking the turn to Hicks) and struck a tree on the west side of Pierrepont Place.

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  • Banet

    This is only going to get worse with the loss of loading zone in front of Key Food to the (currently useless) hotel loading zone. We need:

    1. More loading zones in Brooklyn Heights, even at the loss of street parking.

    2. A loading zone on every block or two of the neighborhood for UPS as we ALL get residential deliveries. (I spoke with my UPS guy. He spends his ENTIRE shift delivering down the length of Remsen and Grace Court. There’s a different, individual UPS Route for most every major street in the neighborhood with multiple routes for Hicks, Henry and Clinton.)

    3. Protection from trucks that long from EVER entering our neighborhood. It’s flat-out illegal. No street in our babe is a truck route and I sincerely doubt they were making a local delivery.

  • South Brooklyn Boys

    Bartlett Dairy does a delivery every night between 9-10pm on Henry & Montague. On several occasion they have blocked the intersection. The guys working the truck a few months ago were really rude when I said they can’t “just park in the middle of the road”.

  • South Brooklyn Boys
  • DIBS

    Looks like you can easily get around them in that second photo. How does one expect deliveries to be made to stock retail establishments if not later at night and without some traffic issues in a city like New York. Hell, even in Bucks County my landscapers block a lane of a two way road with their truck parked there. Everyone deals with it easily without flocking to the local FB page to complain!!!!

  • Dw718

    also last week a similar truck tried to make a right from Hicks onto Pierrepont Street but took out the right hand rear-view mirror of a moving van that was parked in the ‘No standing” zone at the top of Hicks just before Pierrepont. on a different note, what can be done to decrease the newly increased “no loading” zone in front of the Bossert? I would think Key Food would have made some noise.

  • Andrew Porter

    The most impressive attempt at a turn I once witnessed was a tractor-trailer trying to turn onto Willow from Pierrepont. Lots of backing-up involved.

    I wonder how many GPS systems direct trucks into our narrow streets as wrong routes to get onto the BQE? The stub of Montague Street off of Furman Street surely aids in the error.

  • Eddyde
  • Claude Scales

    Once, after unloading a rental car in front of our residence on Montague and preparing to return it to the rental agency on Adams Street, I glanced at GPS, which was directing me to go the wrong way on Montague and drive across Cadman Plaza.

  • Bornhere

    In a fit of optimism, I e-mailed DOT to ask that trucks not be permitted to come up Henry south of Remsen, and instead, be directed to Court from Remsen. Within two months, DOT replied that they agreed with my (incredibly well-drawn…) screed and would post a sign on Remsen at Henry. The sign is now there — and it has made no difference. The worst offenders are the late-night/early-morning private garbage carters, who frequently turn east on Henry at Joralemon. Very creative of them….

  • Cranberry Beret

    DOT is good at analyzing traffic and putting in new signals/signs. I recently suggested a sign at an intersection and it went up within 3 months. But agree with your experience, it has made no practical difference because there is no enforcement. I wish the police department would actually practice the rhetoric that comes from the Vision Zero plans. Reducing traffic injuries/fatalities would actually have a far greater economic benefit to the city than parking ticket revenue. The police need to reallocate many of their parking crews so they enforce more important laws.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Onto Willow from Pierrepont? I’m confused. Did the direction of traffic on Willow used to go the other way, or was the tractor-trailer going the wrong way on top of its other transportational transgressions?

  • Andrew Porter

    You’re right; my error. I bet after the other contortions that truck went through, this must have been the final straw.

  • MaryT

    From the Whatever Happened To.. Department: Didn’t depots used to offload big rigs and reload onto little ones? Made complete sense. Oh, maybe that’s the problem.

    Hello, Representatives. Anyone at home?

  • GoHomeNY

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