Brooklyn Heights (Lame) Graffiti Gang Spotted


From a BHB Tipster comes a lead on the “gang” who may be responsible for the recent outbreak of (really lame) graffiti in Brooklyn Heights.  This report comes from Cranberry Street:

Hey Homer, thought I’d pass this by you. I was walking the dogs Friday night around midnight in the North Heights when I saw a group of about a half dozen teenaged kids screwing around. They seemed harmless enough, really, but as I walked the length of Willow from Cranberry to Pierrepont, and then back up Columbia Heights, I saw them a couple of more times and came to suspect they might be marking up some lamp posts and the such with graffiti. I heard that rattle sound of a spraypaint can at one point, and then smelled paint too… and they seemed to sort of make a run for it when they saw me. I headed over to the Clark St. subway where I tend to see a police car hanging around in the evening and I told a pair of uniformed cops what I’d seen. I was disappointed by their reaction – the cop I was talking to couldn’t even be bothered to make eye contact with me while he was playing with his cell phone. They didn’t seem too bothered about my report, so I headed back to look for the kids again on my way home. I never spotted them again, and about 5-10 minutes later I did see the cops apparently taking a cursory drive down Hicks St. When I returned to my apt.  where I’d first seen the kids, I noticed there was in fact wet graffiti on a lamp post. I’m attaching a picture here in case you want to run it. Maybe other folks in the neighborhood can keep an eye out for these kids. They were mostly white I think, a couple of them seemed to have “big” frizzy dark hair, and I think one of the kids had a blazer on. Not much help, I know…

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  • peppermint

    oh give me a break, they’re just a bunch of kids screwing around. you don’t have to get on your high horse and send the cops after them.

  • The Where

    First graffiti. Then car theft. Then murder. Only a matter of time. Everything that has happened will happen again.

  • Send in the cops!

    Peppermint – defacing public property is a crime and it looks bad in any neighborhood.

    Would you have felt differently if they were a group of black kids just screwing around? I’m sorry they weren’t caught.

    Thanks to the tipster for doing the right thing!

  • Gene

    “Just kids screwing around!”!!! Yes they are just kids screwing around but defacing a beautiful and historic neighborhood is not cool. How would you like it, Peppermint, if you woke up to find that your 1820’s brownstone was defaced with some lame-ass green neon colored tag? Not cool.

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    The rattle of a spray can? That tag in the photo was obviously done in marker, not spray paint.

  • RatNYC

    and MIB, dude, you obviously need to visit Heights Vision.

  • bornhere

    Graffiti is a QOL downer. And I agree with Rat — how one gets a drip mark with a marker is beyond me.

  • henry & state

    We’re off of State St and the side our brownstone was marked as our fence – not recently though but still…

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    Rat and Bornhere… All I can say is “ha ha.”

    Dig this:

  • bornhere

    Thanks, MIB. I never cease to be amazed by how much I don’t know.

  • lifer

    the Markers have the ball in em to mix the ink as well.

    I Wrote graffiti in the 80’s in the neighboring hoods, the kids in the Heights were always pretty bad at graffiti, style, conspicuousness. The BHA should show this around to parents, I am sure the kid who wrote it has it all over his notebooks and room. Thats how my mom busted me when I dabbled in writing.

  • GHB

    ARCO and SPK also tagged the phone booth at Pineapple and Columbia Hts. They’re criminals and should be apprehended. Peppermint, get a clue!

  • Beavis

    Any little tagger caught defacing my property will be dealt with by my trusy Loisville Slugger.

  • nabeguy

    All this illustrates is that bored teenagers, regardless of their economic conditions or racial background, are capable of doing some pretty stupid and destructive acts. I’m not condoning their behavior and think they should be punished for their criminal acts, but I won’t deny that, growing up in BH, I did some idiotic things along these lines. I love the line about one of the perps wearing a blazer. Did it have the Heights Casino crest on it?

  • Pierrepont

    Getting a little bit neighborhood-watch/pitchforks-and-torches in these comments.

    That said, I must admit, the response from our men in blue is surprisingly weak. Broken-window policing seems to be so 1990s, I guess.

    Makes me feel better about my recent purchase of a “Brooklyn Crusher.”

  • AEB

    Science has confirmed that a part of the brain called the dorsal-lateral prefrontal cortex appears especially undeveloped in teens.

    Among its duties, this area controls judgment and consideration of risk.

    I offer this to encourage parental “wisdom.”

  • my2cents

    I hate taggers. Graffiti can be an art form. Tagging is a criminal behavior committed by the bored and talentless. Recommended viewing no matter what you think on this topic: “Style Wars” a seminal documentary on subway graffiti in the “bad old days.”

    Maybe if the police don’t react we can sic those LPC hounds on them. After all, I don’t think that color is approved.

  • Ethan

    Well at least he was wearing a blazer. Its nice that he dresses up for the occasion.

  • GHB

    Beavis, is Loisville anywhere near Louisville?

  • Beavis

    Thanks for the blog spell check wise acre. Now come over and wash my car.

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    Lifer, really? Really?

  • lifer

    dont know what you mean, Made in Bk

  • lifer

    oh wait I gotcha- Not all of the writers from the Heights were wack, I stand corrected..

  • GHB

    Only if you’ll lend it to me for a few hours ;-)

  • nabeguy

    My2, did you do the Fun Gallery? It was like a 4H club for taggers moving up to the next level. Unfortunately, a good % of them were too PCP-addled to follow through on any success they may have tasted, despite the encouragement and support of Patti and Bill.

  • angry resident

    Wow, this is unbelievable! Even in my neighborhood! I came here to get away from the young boys doing these illegal activities. Just the other day these three young men were smoking marijuana right on my stoop, unbelievable! I believe these kids should spend at least a month in jail, dispicable.

  • angry

    yeah kid’s suck!!!!

  • lifer

    well, smoking weed might keep them from doing more violent acts, but they should take it off your stoop and maybe somewhere more scenic like the promenade (uh, not that thats what I’ve done).. BTW the last 2 posts were both done exactly 24 hours apart – angry resident at 127 am, and angry at 127 pm….why do I notice these things?. carry on-

  • angry

    That would be 12 hours genius.

  • lifer

    look lady, I tend to post quickly, and simply didn’t do the math, keep being angry, looks good on ya-