Milling and Paving on Heights Streets This Coming Week

We have word from Community Board 2 and the Brooklyn Heights Association that the following Brooklyn Heights streets are scheduled for milling work this coming week:

Thursday, July 23: Joralemon from Hicks to Clinton;

Friday, July 24: Joralemon from Hicks to Clinton (cont’d); Columbia Heights from Pierrepont to Cranberry.

The milling is to be done during the daytime. The City DOT advises that

[v]ehicles left on these streets when work is ready to be performed will be relocated, generally within three blocks. DOT encourages owners of relocated vehicles to first walk around the neighborhood. If owners are not able to locate their vehicle, they may telephone (646) 892-1370 to learn where it was towed to.

Paving of these streets presumably will be done the following week. We’ll let you know when we have the schedule.

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