Open Thread Wednesday 3/11/15

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  • LDS

    Does anyone know how many stories the “luxury apartments” part of Pier One will be? Hard to tell from the pictures on the billboards that advertise them – looks like five or six. Either way, the bouncy bridge won’t have much room to bounce any more.

  • Jorale-man

    My understanding is the new part south of the bouncy bridge will be just as tall as the buildings on the north side, which means it’s going to block the north and westward views from the north end of the promenade. A very sad state of affairs.

  • LDS

    Sad indeed. I still can’t believe they’ve gotten away with this.

  • CHatter

    Has something changed? The renderings have always shown the planned southern structures as being much shorter:

  • DIBS

    I’m back in BH today until Tuesday. i’m wearing the black Borsalino in case anyone wants to buy me a drink

  • Lord Montague

    There are a limited amount of bicycle racks (or “posts” as they are now) on Montague Street. Should bicycle delivery guys be banned from using them? Discuss…

  • Mini_Cooper

    The racks or the bikes? The racks — of course they should not be allowed to use them (just like they should not be allowed to ride on the sidewalks); the bikes — OK to use if they pay.

  • Barbara

    Need recommendations for a good hair colorist in the Heights.


  • DIBS

    Why shouldn’t they be allowed to chain their bikes to the posts? Besides, who is going to police them??? Ridiculous.

  • Mini_Cooper

    That’s not what they are put there for. Same as they shouldn’t chain their bikes to tree guards put there by residents. Policing… nah, won’t happen any more than ‘policing’ the delivery people who ride on the sidewalk, but a talk with the store sometimes has helped.

  • Bongo

    News to me. All renderings and models show the South end to be appreciably shorter than the North. Where did you hear this?

  • Banet

    This is 100% incorrect. The building going up to the South of the pedestrian bridge is only ~5 stories tall. This is as tall as it can be without violating the legally protected view plane from the promenade. The Park Corp is taking this view plane seriously. So seriously that they asked the DOB for a stop work order on the building a month or so ago so the DOB could confirm the building was short enough. The stop work order has now been lifted as the DOB found the building was essentially in compliance (one corner of one cornice was a foot or so too tall and needed to be modified in its plan.)

  • Canopy

    Noise Truck, ahem, I mean, Food Truck…

    This morning on the corner of Clinton and Remsen I could not help but notice the blaring generator noise of a food truck. In my opinion it’s crazy loud and I find it hard to believe that people living in the area would not be protesting. Are there rules limiting the noise that a food truck can make?

  • Solovely

    Hector @ Fabio Scalia.

  • Ann B Chapin

    Studio 78 on Clark St–they are all wonderful and some former Irene Dinov staff have joined them. Jane and Stas are the best!

  • William Spier

    Hey, that’s my garden!!! I wish I could go outside now and puff–it would look like this.

  • ShinyNewHandle

    I had to read this comment twice. (Beautiful garden!)

  • Andrew Porter

    I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden today for the first time since last November, and, amid the mounds of melting snow, there are crocuses in bloom in several areas, including near Daffodil Hill. The Witch Hazel is also blooming. There are also lots of daffodils coming out of the warming grounds. If the warm weather persists, I hope to see Spring’s full panoply of flowers making up for lost time in coming days.

  • gcarl

    I would like to put this out there for all of you in the neighborhood who may have been having problems with Time Warner Cable. I live in an apartment building here in the heights where I and my fellow neighbors have been having problems with cable service for the last two months. We have had intermittent service outages on certain channels (1,2,4, 51, 21, 64–these are the ones we watch, could be more that we don’t know of) almost every day. The outages last a few minutes or up to a number of hours. Each time I or my neighbors have called TWC, they insist that there is no problem in the area, and tell us to reboot the box, while we keep telling them that it can’t be the individual boxes, because it is happening to all of us at the same time. It falls on deaf ears. Once, they even tried to reboot my box and fried it. I had to have technician bring me a new box. We have had technicians here on at least 4 occasions, and all said that the problem was neighborhood wide in the neighborhood “node” or the plant in Red Hook. But that doesn’t seem to get translated to someone who can fix it. If anyone is having similar problems with TWC, I urge you to contact them and reiterate this is a neighborhood problem. And demand credits for the lack of service. I have, and have received substantial credit. Maybe this is the only way they will wake up. Their telephone customer service people are useless.

  • TheBear

    I’ve been having a similar problem here for months now. But I know its them because I have 2 boxes and they both have same channels missing at the the same time. Neighbors above me in my line have been having similar issues. They sent one guy who tested everything in apartment and said it was all good. So he made an appt with someone from the “plant” or a master technician. He showed up and was outside at the boxes for over an hour. He switched out a part. This was a few days ago. Haven’t noticed an issue since, but maybe I just wasn’t on the correct channel.

  • ShinyNewHandle

    That is an interesting perspective photo, CHatter. I walked around Pier 1 a few days ago: Without the summer foliage, the park is no oasis of green but a hilly mound fronting the looming glass behemoth, which is not neatly tucked away in the background, but *right there*. I actually miss the flat desert of warehouse rubble which used to set the pier apart from the civilization beyond.

  • gcarl

    I know. One time they said they were sending a higher level technician to look at the box outside my building, but what arrived was the same level technician that had been before. Dealing with TWC can be a nightmare.

  • Laura

    Had the same problem on Schermerhorn and Court. I’ve been told to reboot the box on more occasions that I can recount but never found a lasting resolution…

  • Alec

    the problem could be deterioration of the physical cable wire outside – sometimes the wires melt (in summer) or corrode (in winter) when they lie on the roof of the building. Next time the tech comes ask them to replace the outside wire that goes from the central distribution point to the building or your apartment.

    -Also, this is my first post on here since moving to Joisey 6 months ago!

  • Brandon

    Now that LICH has closed, I’ve noticed a lot of ambulances blasting their sirens going through Brooklyn Heights. This is something that few people realized would happen, but it is awful.

  • The Bear

    I know its more of a hassle, but I went to the TWC on 23rd in Manhattan to make my complaint in person. Then they have to look you in the eye, and they tend to be more helpful then the ones on the phone. Also they don’t want a scene in the store.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Agree. A wire replacement cured the problem I was having with Dish Network due to leaky wet cables (snow & ice).

  • ClaudeScales

    Since you’ve moved there, you need to start pronouncing the name the way natives, not old Brooklynites, do. It’s “Juzzy,” not “Joisey.” Oh, and the largest city there is “Nurk.”

  • Alec

    33 years of born-and-bred Brooklyn doesn’t fade THAT fast… I am trying to bring some Brooklyn to my town by getting them to extend the light rail and by biking everywhere….

  • Andrew Porter

    There are numerous Verizon trucks on my block, and I asked them about getting Fios on Pineapple Street. They said the only building getting it is 60 Pineapple, because they made some sort of deal for the entire building. Everyone else is out of luck.