Brooklyn Heights Crash Report: Pedestrian Struck Friday Night, Gas Truck Flips on BQE Today

Gothamist was on the scene this afternoon when a gas truck flipped and spilled fuel on the southbound BQE. Publisher/reporter/Ask a Native New Yorker scribe Jake Dobkin snapped photos of the accident showing the vehicle perched perilously on the cantilever just below the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Gothamist reported this afternoon that there was at least one injury.

Traffic was cleared by 7pm.

And the Brooklyn Eagle reports that a pedestrian was struck by a car last Friday night:

The elderly man had been crossing Cadman Plaza West at Clark Street, headed west, when he was mowed down by a Lexus turning left off Clark Street. His leg appeared to be broken, his companions were told by EMTs, though the extent of further injuries could not be confirmed on the street.

The driver of the Lexus insisted that the pedestrian was crossing against the light – something the victim’s companions insisted he would never do. They told police the Lexus had sped around the corner without slowing.

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  • Lori

    Re: the elderly man struck at Cadman Plaza West & Clark Street – that’s a very bad street to cross – every car coming out of Clark Street has to turn right or left. The other corner that I fear crossing is Atlantic & Hicks; another corner where the majority of cars are turning, not to mention the danger pedestrians face trying to get to and from BBP at Atlantic Avenue and/or Fulton Street.

  • Bongo23

    Slightly confused. If the pedestrian was crossing against the light at that junction, then the Lexus would have been running a red light, no?

  • Eddyde

    Correct, given the description.

  • hugegroove

    There is no southbound BQE it runs East and West

  • GHB

    No, that section of the BQE runs north and south.

  • hugegroove

    Yes it does but it is on an East West hwy.

  • Reggie

    The numbering on the Interstate system is standardized. Even numbered highways run east-west, and odd numbered roads go north-south, generally. So, the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, also known as Interstate 278, runs east-west. I have always been partial to the original name, the Brooklyn-Queens Connecting Highway, which says it all.