State Officials Approve LICH Sale to Fortis

Say goodbye to Long Island College Hospital, and to availability of critical emergency care in our area. Today State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli both approved the sale of LICH to developer Fortis Property Group, which will turn most of the property into luxury housing, and provide space for NYU Langone Medical Center and Lutheran Medical Center to operate what amounts to an urgent care center, capable of dealing only with less than critical medical conditions.

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  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Here’s my comment:

  • B K

    Still can’t believe they actually got away with it. Governor Andrew Cuomo orchestrated this whole debacle. The reason SUNY took over lich was to get it closed. The only winners are Cuomo’s cronies at Brooklyn Hospital & in real estate… & DeBlasio’s buddies at NYU (who now are in top spots running City Hall). I’ll be showing how disgusted I am when I get to the voting booth on election days this year & in years to come

  • Jorale-man

    According to NY1 this morning there’s eventually going to be an ambulance service here. Which leads to my question: Why would someone buy a high-end condo directly above a place that has screaming sirens coming and going at all hours of the day and night?

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    True — but even more disturbing — even if there’s ambulance service, there will not be a full-service hospital to back you up if you are critically injured. You will have to be put back in another ambulance and transferred to a real hospital. Why not just get yourself to a real hospital to begin with and not lose precious time?

  • Doug Biviano

    The ambulance will be diverted to other hospitals for acute emergencies so it seems to me the ambulance, albeit necessary to be stationed in the neighborhood as close as possible, provides as much political cover for the real crime of no acute care. In other words, it looks like we’re protected — everyone sees an ambulance stationed at the NYU Urgent Care Center — but we’re really not when seconds matter.

  • Doug Biviano

    Ding dong the LICH is dead…

    Appears the AG and Comptroller are so brazen as to believe they’ll get elected next week regardless of how the LICH community feels, no matter who dies. In other words, they’re flipping us the bird. Like we said during our primary race, the community has been cut out. The election system is so corrupted by special interests, their lobbyists and the
    press so accommodating that we just don’t matter.

    And right they were — if you saw the Gubernatorial Debate, no mention of LICH was made, not even from Brooklyn’s Juan Gonzalez.

    Here’s another good take on LICH:

    And If you saw the Brooklyn Eagle piece by Mary Frost about the LICH march on Sunday, here’s my 2 cents from the other day:

    Despite the crowd not liking it, John Jasilli, Republican candidate for the 52nd AD hits the nail on the head: ‘ “Democratic officials here have some nerve showing up. They were here during the whole LICH fiasco. Their [sic] were either negligent or complicit,” he accused.’

    You can see it here with Lander defending/spinning his Berlin Rosen/WFP buddy AG Schneiderman here: ‘When asked about the rumor that the state would not sign off on the sale of LICH until after the Nov. 4 election, Lander told the Brooklyn Eagle that local officials ”have not gotten a sense of the timing” of the AG’s and Comptroller’s reviews. “These are not supposed to be political reviews,” he said. “The signoffs are legal due diligence. I trust both of them will comply with their obligation under the law.” ‘

    The point is that if Lander (or Eric Adams for that matter) really wanted to save LICH he could easily lean publicly on his Berlin Rosen/WFP buddy and Mayor Bill de Blasio. They could make it untenable for de Blasio to deflect his complicit role in LICH going down. Most of the politicians like Lander, de Blasio and Adams (city-wide or aspiring city-wide that is) are thrilled about the development of LICH Campus no matter the harm to the community because it means more campaign contributions and political power for them.

    Think about how ridiculous it is that all the politicians present couldn’t stop the closure. They could, but they just don’t want to make any waves like calmly confronting de Blasio and Cuomo when the press are present. This can be done with civil but consistent questioning of de Blasio and Cuomo wherever they show up in front of cameras, op-eds, press releases etc. To Lander’s spin about legal diligence, that’s bologna. It’s entirely political.

  • Andrew Porter

    You get used to anything. The noise of sirens is something that eventually your body learns to sleep right through. Also true for the thousands of people who live near fire houses, and on the approaches in to airports.

  • Jorale-man

    Everyone’s got their tolerance levels. I could never deal with constant sirens. And certainly not if I was paying millions to live somewhere. But as you say, living below the approach to LGA or JFK could be a lot noisier than that.