Open Thread Wednesday 10/29/14

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

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  • Ebenezer

    I just wonder why the dangerous raised concrete sidewalk condition on the Henry Street side of 98 Remsen persists. A tree has lifted a whole sidewalk section up a few inches. Saw a jogger trip there. Someday a more serious trip will occur.

  • Michelle

    Hi Everyone,
    We are in search of a contractor who is willing to take on the relatively small job of running the cable through the ceiling so we can mount our tv’s to our walls before our little ones become anymore destructive. We have other small jobs too but the cable is the most urgent. If you have recommendations we’d love to hear them. Thanks

  • Applesnap

    This is me just ranting… I’m sure i’ll take on ton’s of criticism.. but whatever.

    1. To whomever is living on hicks street and faces willow street … your BRIGHT lamp… emphasis on BRIGHT is so god damn annoying. It illuminates my entire bed room… even through the DARK blinds… WTF.

    2. To the people ( different people) again on HICKS street facing willow…, Really great to make an outdoor entertainment system for yourself.. by all means.. sit outside till 11:30 PM and watch action movies, so loud that I have to shut my windows.

    I realize ranting on here won’t do much,I should write them a letter.. which I am going too. But this has gone on for so many nights.. I had to get it out. FREE THERAPY.


  • TMS

    Anyone notice how crowded our neighborhood subway stations have become?

  • Eddyde

    1. Try talking to them directly, in a nice way. If that doesn’t work a BB gun ought to do the trick.
    2. Same as above.

  • ns3wz

    Does anyone know what H is going on at 24 Monroe Pl? 2 days in a row there have been guys loading up dozens and dozens of black garbage bags into the back of a UHAUL.

  • jane

    Any local non-gym-membership Zumba classes or anything similar?

  • Alec

    get a staple gun or 3/4 inch nail clips and do it yourself for free- run it along the edge of the baseboard or corner where the wall meets the ceiling.

  • AEB

    OK, the many, many pink notices for the upcoming movie shoot attached to virtually every vertical object in the north Heights: the shoot is going to happen on November 12th, TWO WEEKS AWAY!

    Why in the name all that’s unholy have these wretched neighborhood-defiling pieces of monkey-do been posted so far in advance? That is, why do we have to live with them for as long as we have and will have to?


    PS, I resisted the temptation, and it was strong, to start every line of this post in caps the Cindy Way. I think congrats are in order.

  • DIBS

    Where is Cindy today???

  • GHB

    I guess the October 27 fix date for the middle elevator at the Clark Street station ain’t happening. What’s it been, 8 months?

  • DIBS

    Two words:

    1, Union
    2. MTA

  • martinlschneider

    tell it to the MAyor’s Office of Film Production Management

  • Teresa

    No point. They don’t respond to messages.

  • Justine Swartz

    Please report dangerous conditions to 311.

  • Jorale-man

    Has anyone noticed if the bouncy bridge into Brooklyn Bridge Park has been worked on since the word leaked out that it was closing? I have a little theory that in fact, there’s nothing wrong with it, but they needed to shut it down because of its close proximity to the construction site for the hotel/condo (too many liability issues if something from the site fell on the bridge).

    But if they revealed the real reason, it would anger many people who are already unhappy with the condo, so they came up with the structural issues problem instead. Again, just a theory…

  • Jorale-man

    Jogging through the Heights can be a minefield in places. It amazes me that more homeowners aren’t fined for the condition of their sidewalks…

  • MonroeOrange

    i’ve wrote the Mayors office for FP often and have yet to receive a response…im convinced their email just goes to a junk folder.

  • MonroeOrange

    ask them…..

  • ujh

    To my knowledge, no work has been done on the Squibb Park bridge. Other reason(s) also on my mind, but I keep them to myself.

  • MonroeOrange

    problem number #2 does sound like a real problem…you should call 311 if talking to them first doesn’t help.

  • BKS

    Mid November now – until it gets delayed even further. Ridiculous.

  • mac

    started around the time the N / R was shut down for repairs..but it hasn’t changed since they reopened… the 2/3 in the mornings is a nightmare

  • TeddyNYC

    You may be right, it does sound like a plausible theory, but I’m leaning more toward a problem with the bridge itself. It’s possible the reason there’s been no work done on the bridge is because they’re not sure what they should do, repair or replace. We’ll know for sure in the spring.

  • cindy sm

    I’m here just watching the European markets response(s) to today’s FED

  • cindy sm

    Well there’s several ways of preventing
    Them of doing any of the above..just ask my Boyfriend and his associates.

    Film types have been stopped in several communities by..well by several means..

  • DIBS

    Now you sound like the What from brownstoner. The end of QE is the most anticipated, most discounted thing in modern market history.

  • TMS

    I know it’s Thursday, but I looked out my window this morning and the PierHouse has gotten even taller! Anyone know how much taller it’s going to get?

  • miriamcb

    Is there anything especially fun for the kiddos (besides trick or treating) tomorrow? Or any really well decorated houses that will wow the smallest people (our daughter is just under 2 and is impressed by festive homes!)? I guess I never paid much attention, but do businesses on Montague do anything for Halloween?

  • mac

    seriously? I am one who doesn’t trust that this is going to end well…certainly blocks the view from the north promenade for sure. which part is taller? everything north of the squibb bridge is the same height..