Citi Bike Announces Major Expansion in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens

Citi Bike is growing, with new partners and a new CEO to lead its expansion.

Alta Bicycle Share, operator of Citi Bike, announced Monday that Jay Walder, former chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, will take over as CEO. According to Crain’s New York Business, besides announcing the appointment of Mr. Walden, Alta, plagued by financial problems since launching the NYC based bike-share program last year, has been acquired by a new entity, Bikeshare Holdings, a partnership between fitness chain Equinox, real estate developer Related Cos. and Jonathan Schulhof, a private investor.

These developments will be welcome news to locals bicyclists. With 90,000 annual members and 641,000-plus short-term passes resulting in more than 14 million trips since May 2013, the system—currently centered in lower Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn—has proven popular with tourists and many, though not all, New Yorkers.

Local Brooklyn residents, including the co-op board of 150 Joralemon Street in the Heights, filed unsuccessful lawsuits in 2013 to block the location of Citi Bike stations on select streets. There have also been numerous sitings in the Heights of Citi Bike thefts, including an effort by a local resident to thwart would-be bike thieves.

The expansion of hundreds of new stations throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens does come with a cost; annual memberships fees will increase to $149 from the current $95.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams for one lauded Citi Bike’s long-awaited expansion plans.

“As an avid Citi Bike rider, I am thrilled to see that bike share will ‘keep on rolling’ in New York City,” Mr. Adams said. “We cannot underestimate the impact that this initiative has had on multiple facets of our daily life, improving our environment and public health while providing New Yorkers an easy alternative to getting from Point A to Point B.”

Looking to identify the most bike-friendly neighborhoods, the New York City Department of Transportation is offering local residents the ability to have a say in where new Citi Bank stations are installed. To suggest a new location visit the NYCDOT’s “Suggest A Station” siting portal.

“The expansion to Bedford-Stuyvesant, Greenpoint and Williamsburg next year will further enhance our borough, as will the upcoming growth in Carroll Gardens, Park Slope, Prospect Heights and Red Hook,” said Mr. Adams, who has been a proponent of fitness for borough residents. “Citi Bike is moving in the right direction, pedaling towards progress.”


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  • petercow

    It will be great to see some deployments south of Atlantic Avenue.

  • David on Middagh

    The chunky blue line!

  • Banet

    Completely agree. I’d use the service 5x more if I could ride a bike down Court Street into Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens to run errands. Can’t wait!

  • cindy sm

    This is just another feature of the wonderful yuppie culture. Totally
    What we want counts and anyone’s
    Else’s interests or feelings is not
    And shouldn’t be considered…like
    Garbage being left out overnight
    In hallways to bikes chained to stair
    Hand rails the elderly and Impared
    Need to use to delivery “personnel”
    on the sidewalk…the bike culture gets
    An effective total pass because they
    Serve the holy mantra of the low carbon

    Everyone reading this should check into
    How many of the bike racks were foisted
    On certain locations on the UES and
    How many had to be quickly moved
    After the club of Rome types up there
    Told the city they would be dragged into
    FEDERAL Court if they we’re not remov-
    ed. One of our larger clients was involv-
    ed in causing one of the (very fast) removals.

  • Boerum Bill

    Fantastic to see such a great program thriving! Will be interesting to see how many crybaby coops deplete their coffers fighting them in court.

  • Greg

    Your entire message is incoherent.
    I’ll just say thank goodness unrepresentative elites can’t obstruct a wildly popular piece of city infrastructure due to their own selfish interests as you assert happened in the UES.

  • GHB

    Have you gotten off your meds?

  • cindy sm

    Anyone who views the citibank bike
    Installations is a good direction in
    The city’s life needs. meds or a good
    Introduction to art and design theory.
    The less educated and cultured will
    Of course, think that something like
    This program is fine. Thankfully
    Many in this city have a higher view

  • cindy sm

    Is that why the program has had the
    Repeated funding problems it has?
    Yes my observations cover a range of aspects of the yuppie culture but
    It’s all valid and all too true…

  • Banet

    Certain locations on the UES? There are NO locations on the need to slow down and become a little better informed.

  • cindy sm

    Again, try to actually read and (duh)
    absorb what I wrote…a significant
    Number of locations were removed
    Or reconsidered due to objections
    By UES types..and I know this due
    To again, several being clients of
    Our firm. So bike racks don’t go
    Where Mr club of Rome doesn’t
    Want but it’s fine and dandy to
    Flood a historic district (!) So
    Some yuppie brats can have their
    Play things. Nice

  • AEB

    Question: when is class antagonism NOT a part of the American discourse?

    Answer: never.