Photos: HBO’s Boardwalk Empire Shoots on Monroe Place and Turns Back the Clock to 1931

Photo by Heather Quinlan


  • Andrew Porter

    They have used a courtroom in the court house here before. Ironically, the building is from the late 1930s—way after the show is set.

  • Lois

    Yes, one of my favorite props was the “fake” subway entrance showing Interborough Subway Lexington Line. Wonder if it puzzled any tourists. Fantastic sets by Bill Groom,Production Director.

  • miriamcb

    They’ll be back on Monday!

  • MonroeOrange

    car was towed without proper notice on cadman plaza, so they could park their trucks there. I parked wed night, on a no parking during wed day. Therefore thinking i have parking for the week. Car was towed fri morning.

    Whatever happened to all our complaints of this type? They know weeks ahead of time, yet they still don’t put up signs in a timely manner. I am not complaining about movie shoots in the heights (even though it is enough already). I am complaining about again not receiving notice. Some cars that were parked there may not realize that they were towed for weeks, as this week there is not alt side on wed.

    FYI…i was towed to a parking meter by the park, a sign put on to not ticket. So the city also doesn’t get multi meter money for 48 hours as my car and a bunch of others were towed to the metered spots. How does this make any sense…oh yeah, the nypd were towing the cars! so our tax dollars, pay for this?!

  • petercow

    And since we’re picking nits..that entrance was much more IND than IRT.

  • Eddyde

    Why don’t you simply sell your car and start using Citibike?