Is A Second Hotel Coming To Montague Street?

Word on the street is that the Treeline Cos-owned building at 189 Montague St may be torn down and rebuilt as a hotel. As the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports:

For one thing, tenants’ leases aren’t being renewed at 189 Montague, one source said.

For another, at 146 Pierrepont St., a small apartment house located next to the back of 189 Montague, tenants are being told they must move because their building is being sold. Is the property destined to become part of a hotel site?

Calls to by the Eagle to Treeline Cos and the 146 Pierrepont owner were not returned. What do you think? And is there room on Montague for two hotels? (The other being the eventually-open-to-the-public Hotel Bossert.)

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  • Bob Dylan’s secret daughter

    I think its been discussed previously, but will these Montague Street hotels have parking? If so, where?

  • Guest1980

    Bossert developers have a deal with Quik Park at 360 Furman. It’s bound to cause all kinds of speeding and congestion down Hicks, Henry and Joralemon.

  • Martin L Schneider

    There is certainly room for another hotel. But let us pray that we are not going to have yet another homely building added to our midst. That state-prison-caliber, urine-yellow thing above Rite Aid is now the neighborhood’s permanent curse and ugly obtrusion. Where is it absolutely written that a cheesy developer can put any tasteless, homely el-cheapo structure up totally without regard to the neighborhood?
    We desperately need some form of incentive to bring new buildings into harmony with the good, old ones. Come on BHA, get going on this.

  • Andrew Porter

    If you look at the back of this building, on Pierrepont, you see that it has a really lovely facade. When they “updated” the Montague Street side, they made it into the “modern” horror it is now. One can hope that any reconstruction would save the Pierrepont facade, and restore or at least copy that for the Montague side.

    But, knowing how real estate developers work, I bet both sides will end up looking horrible.

  • Teresa

    As a writer whose work is too often overly aggregated, may I politely request that a link is included to your source here? Ideally, little enough content would be re-posted so that readers would be required to go to the original, but in that absence, it’s internet courtesy to make it easy to get to your source.

  • HeatherQuinlan

    Indeed, I usually do – sometimes making sure a newspaper name both is italicized and linked is like walking and chewing gum for me. Fixed!

  • Teresa

    Thanks, Heather.