Paparazzo From My Window: Hostages Shoot on Pierrepont Place

Dan Patterson may have been frustrated in his quest to get a photo of Kristen Stewart, but your correspondent was the beneficiary of blind luck. As I was having breakfast Saturday, I saw a crew laying tracks on the far side of Pierrepont Place, and assorted filming equipment being unloaded from a truck. I returned from my morning walk and looked out my window just in time to get this photo of an as yet unidentified cast member of the CBS TV drama Hostages, walking past the stoop of 3 Pierrepont Place in a quilted down coat as artificial snow is blown toward her.

Here’s a closer shot (thank you 20X zoom) after a change of costume (she did the same walk in this jacket, without the artificial snow).

After a few rounds with the blustery Brooklyn Heights breeze, her hair got some attention from a crew member with…green hair.

We knew Hostages would be filming in the neighborhood this weekend, but had no specific notice regarding filming on Pierrepont Place (as opposed to Pierrepont Street). Our guess is that they saw those two gorgeous mansions and couldn’t resist.

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  • David on Middagh

    Ermahgerd… Herstergers!

  • Claude Scales

    Fer shurr.

  • Boerum Bill

    Cue the obligatory WAH WAH whiney complaint from Monroe Orange.

  • Claude Scales

    There’s nothing here about Citibikes.