Have You Seen Kristen Stewart In Brooklyn Heights Filming Anesthesia?

Last week, signs were posted around Cranberry Street announcing that Tim Blake Nelson’s film ‘Anesthesia‘ would be filming there as well as on Willow and Orange Streets today. BHB contributor Dan Patterson sniffed around and came back with a photo of… trucks.

The film which features ‘Twilight‘ star Kristen Stewart, Gretchen Mol, Glenn Close and Sam Waterston has been filming in NYC recently.

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Tabloids were buzzing with photos and video of Stewart, an actress not known for her emotional range, filming an ‘intense’ scene in Manhattan.

Willow Street residents were not impressed with the promise of K-Stew and crew coming to town:

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  • Taty3

    I doubt anyone who negates Kristen Stewart’s emotional range has seen much of her work outside of the Twilight movies. The Cake Eaters, The Yellow Handkerchief, Welcome to the Riley’s & On the Road are some of the great films in which Stewart exhibits every emotion under the sun. Don’t let the media perception of her colour the way you view her performance as an actress.

  • JR

    So says the man named Homer. Your biased hatred for Kristen Stewart reads loud and clear. Shame on you.

  • Mike

    Um, isn’t this an ensemble film and KStew is already done with her part? I read Deadline on a pretty regular basis and I think they said she was only filming for a week. Girl is probably completely done and out of Brooklyn. I imagine the film has almost wrapped too, as it was described as a micro-budget film.

  • Jazz

    Finally some excitement! Twihard losers commenting here. Awesome.

  • MonroeOrange

    anything else from Kristen’s PR team?

  • af

    Your hatred defines who you are – not Kristen!

  • MonroeOrange

    ok…so anything more from Kristen’s PR Team?

  • Sarah Clearly

    Jazz, you a hater then? I love Kristen Stewart and there is nothing wrong with that. There’s something wrong with people who hate. And I love many other actors and actresses as well, and singers, and writers, and artists, etc, etc, etc. Why not try to love, forgive, and give, you will feel a lot better.

  • Sarah Clearly

    Monroe, our numbers are vast and are all over the world. Seems to me you need to get off Kristen’s back cause we will defend her and there’s no end to us. She is one of the greatest actresses alive today and we hope she will be in a lot more movies. Can’t wait for her lastest ones. Hopefully you will join us.

  • sherry88

    Poor Glen Close for having to work with Kristen. If Kristen is smart maybe she will take notes and maybe finally learn to act.

  • ernest

    Yeah, she is a Cheata.

  • MonroeOrange

    ????..what exactly did i say that implies im on her back? i said ‘anything else from the Kristen PR team’…and you and Taty and Af all commented. So either she has 3 people on her PR team or just one person posting three times…

  • petercow

    She’s very good in Adventureland.


  • ernest
  • ernest
  • David on Middagh


    What is she, an army ration?