Brooklyn Paper: Brooklyn Heights Cinema To Crowdfund Potential Move To DUMBO

The Brooklyn Paper reports that Brooklyn Heights Cinema owner Kenn Lowy maybe crowdfunding a move to temporary digs in DUMBO while the fate its 70 Henry Street location is worked out by Landmarks and the building’s owner.

BHB covered this subject, with quotes and comment from Lowy last month.

Brooklyn Paper: “The idea was always to find a temporary location until it was finished,” Lowy said. “We’ll have an 18-month period where we’ll have to find another space until we come back.”

The film buff and 32-year Heights resident said he needs $20,000 to fund the move and a sorely-needed upgrade to digital projectors that would be a first for the strictly celluloid picture house on the corner of Orange Street. Adding insult to antiquated injury, the temporary move would require him to lease, not buy, the gear, and no Brooklyn Heights building could accommodate the business, meaning the neighborhood-specific site of many a date night might shift to Dumbo, the nearest place with workable digs.

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  • Jorale-man

    There’s a small film series in Dumbo already, beneath ReBar on Front Street. Maybe there’s a collaboration to be done there.

    I’m still hoping for the best for the cinema and that the building owners on Henry Street don’t back down on the plans to include a home for it.

  • BKHeights

    I don’t understand crowdfunding for this sort of thing. This is a for-profit business. If the owner can’t get the money, don’t do it or take out a loan.