104 Willow Street On The Market, Seeks New Brooklyn Sales Record

On the market for $12 million, 104 Willow Street’s owner and Brown Harris Stevens are might hit a new sales record for Brooklyn. The previous record, also $12 million, belongs to 70 Willow Street which sold to Dan Houser, creator of Grand Theft Auto, last year.

New York Times: The town house in its original incarnation was built by Robert Speir, a slightly homesick immigrant from Glasgow, who found Manhattan too urban for his taste and moved his family to Brooklyn in 1820. Six years later he had completed his dream house, and his business of importing Merino sheep (they and their bovine brethren grazed in the backyard, which sloped downhill toward the river) was going gangbusters. Mr. Speir, who died in 1856, built residences at 102 and 106 Willow Street to accommodate his children and grandchildren.

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  • Heightsman

    I know Dan’s name is a matter of public record but how about a little decorum on the blog. Trying to emulate PageSix should not be an aspiration.

  • ltap917

    What’s your problem? Real estate is a big issue in BH. We all want to know what’s on the market and how much the asking price is.
    And seriously, anyone can do a reverse address lookup to find out who owns 70 Willow.

  • Jazz
  • Jason Kidd


  • Roberto

    Some may remember the practice of redling a neighborhood. It was developed by realtors as a way to keep people out of an area by denying housing, banking services, food access, insurance and jobs. Our city is being greenlined as property values shoot past the moon. How long will we be flush enough to remain in Brooklyn Heights?

  • John Lennon

    Flaunting wealth is rude.

  • ltap917

    Your response, yawn, was boring.

  • Roberto

    Correction: Re home purchases by plutocrats, I referred to the practice of “redlining,” not redling. It’s real estate’s version of the 18th and 19th century “enclosure movement,” which pushed poor people off “the village commons” in the name of progress.

  • Heightsman

    Real estate is a big issue for BH….who owns it should not be. Let those who are so curious do the lookup themselves.