Levin to DOT: Fix BQE Below Brooklyn Heights

We’ve received this presser from City Council Member Steve Levin’s office:

CM Levin has sent a letter asking the [NYC Department of Transportation] to mill and repave the cantilevered section of the [Brooklyn Queens Expressway]. There have been a number of Brooklyn Heights residents who have felt vibrations around this section of the BQE, spurring the Brooklyn Heights Association to send a letter as well.

We previously noted the BHA’s letter to DOT on the same subject.

We previously noted the BHA’s letter to DOT on the same subject. In a related story, Levin has urged residents of his district to visit the Transportation Alternatives website and suggest locations for speed cameras.

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  • Jorale-man

    It’s a valid complaint. When trucks hit the potholes on the road it sounds like World War III is breaking out down there.

  • David on Middagh

    The other day I was on the Promenade, looking toward New Jersey for the fireworks. But the booming turned out to be trucks on the expressway below. I think it’s time.

  • AcrosstheAtlantic

    Agreed. Sweep that down to Cobble Hill, where every time a truck without enough weight barrels down the south side, it also sounds like WWIII.

  • TMS

    Did anyone else notice the toxic smelling odor coming from the Brooklyn Bridge construction last night? I woke up at maybe 3am and it smelled like burning metal and chemicals. I shut the windows. Anyone know if they’re running air quality tests?

  • Moses kestenbaum ODA

    Does Steve levin only support the rich in Brooklyn heights? How about the BQE Williamsburg part where the pollution is very high and the highway should be covered over .

  • Phormyka

    It is awful, you can not even keep your windows open in BH on Poplar Street. Seriously what can be done?