Pierson’s RBSCC Allegations Against Levin: Does He Strike A Chord Or A Brown Note?

A dispatch was just received by BHB and it’s already causing a Twitter war between NYC Councilmember Steve Levin and his challenger in the Democratic primary/ Brooklyn Heights resident Stephen Pierson. Levin has already issued a Google doc that offers his perspective on Pierson’s allegations. Read it here. These are Pierson’s allegations, as sent out in a presser from his campaign:

The campaign of Stephen Pierson, Democratic candidate for City Council in the 33rd District, has found that his opponent, Council member Steve Levin, is responsible for sending an eye-popping $6.679 million to Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizen’s Council (RBSCC). RBSCC, Vito Lopez’s so-called nonprofit organization, is riddled with fraud claims and has been the target of numerous city, state, and federal investigations.

The full report, which was conducted by an outside investigator, can be found here: http://piersonforcouncil.com/s/RBSCC_Levin.pdf

The funds that Levin sent to RBSCC are those that Council Members are allocated to provide services to their constituents. But Ridgewood Bushwick is not even in the 33rd district, and does not serve its residents.

Said Pierson: “It is disgraceful that the people of the 33rd Council District are paying the real price for Levin’s political debts.”

Even more surprising is that fact that Levin tries to cover this up, claiming publicly that he only sent about $1 million to RBSCC.

“To send $6.67 million out of our district, to Vito Lopez’s infamous non-profit, then lie about it, is outrageous,” said Pierson. “Whether he sent $1 million or $6.7 million to Vito’s corrupt, out-of-district organization, it’s still too much.”

“I pledge never to use taxpayer dollars to pay political favors. Every single one of my discretionary funds allocations will benefit this district.”

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  • Kay

    I’m a Levin supporter but I agree that one million dollars is too much to give to Mr. Lopez’s non-profit organization that paid it’s Head more money than the President of the Red Cross. Now that Head of the Org. is on probation for forging documents to support her salary! What? Hmmm Mr. Levin, this does not bode well.

  • Heights Mama

    It would be nice to hear one thing that Pierson plans to do if elected. He has no platform, therefore he can only go negative. I got his mailer yesterday. It sounded like he was running for middle school student council president: better schools, with no plan on how he is going to do this (like more recess and less homework??) and protection for cyclists. Really? Is that all he could come up with? He is completely unqualified. Levin has worked so hard for us over the last 4 years.

  • MonroeOrange


  • DrewBurch

    Pierson has nothing. He keeps harping about Lopez, and putting out false numbers. Every tweet he makes is negative. He ever talks policy or goals because he has none.

  • slyvester

    Just a thought, no accusations, whatsoever, against anyone. But in general, would a political campaign be a good vehicle to launder gambling profits? Could someone hide gambling money as campaign contributions, and then make it clean to spend on one’s own self?

    Inquiring minds would like to know. (Maybe for a future gig.)

  • klowy

    I would suggest people read the budget document that Pierson cites. I think you’ll be surprised when you see the line items. None of the items are things that are in any way out of line. And Pierson doesn’t seem to understand that “Brooklyn delegation” means just that. Everyone representing Brooklyn thought these larger items were good for Brooklyn. I’m sure Pierson is counting on no one doing that (reading the line items).

  • welcometomoviefone

    Not really, since contributions (and expenditures) are tracked so well. Check it out: great website run by NYC finance board http://www.nyccfb.info/vsapps/WebForm_Finance_Summary.aspx?as_election_cycle=2013

  • AMS

    No one else seems to have looked at what the BHB says is “a Google doc that offers his perspective on Pierson’s allegations” allegedly issued by Levin. But the link provided doesn’t seem to be anything of the sort. Could someone explain (or provide Levin’s responses)?

  • Casey Adams

    Hi AMS,

    Please see our fact check here:


    And the followup fact check here:


  • brixtony

    The people in my building (a large one) who collected signatures for Levin (who seems like a nice guy, but…) are exactly the folks who always support the machine candidate. That alone will get Pierson a vote from me. You CAN judge a politician by the company he keeps.