Can You Spare a Dime? 12 College Place Now $9 Million

When I moved to Brooklyn Heights in 2008, 12 College Place was not much more than a facade that framed the backyard art my neighbor made out of his clothesline. Since then it’s undergone a few changes and is now for sale at $9 million. The building actually sold for $4.85 million last year, but the view from my window never revealed any residents, just construction workers. A better view of the interiors can be found here. College Place is lovely and the renovations are great, but will it really go for the asking price? When I see someone moving in, I’ll ask.

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  • Perplexion

    No way. They are lucky if they get $5 million. No one wants to live down there.

  • petercow

    If you buy it Heather, please invite me for a roof-top barbecue!

  • Ann B Chapin

    “down there”?? U would be lucky to live here!