#SaveLICH Update: Millman Arrested; Cuomo’s Office and de Blasio Trade Barbs

State Assembly Member Joan Millman, whose district includes Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill, was arrested yesterday along with Cobble Hill resident and activist Dorothy Siegel and Peter Sikora, according to this Daily News story. The three were blocking pedestrian traffic on an approach to the Brooklyn Bridge and shouting “Governor Cuomo shame on you!” to protest SUNY’s attempt to close Long Island College Hospital. Millman joins Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and City Council Member Steve Levin in the rank of elected officials arrested during LICH related demonstrations.

Meanwhile, Governor Cuomo’s office broke silence on the LICH issue when a spokesman issued a statement characterizing de Blasio’s arrest as a “political gimmick.” According to the Daily News, de Blasio responded: “It’s very easy for folks in Albany to call names, but I’d like to ask them what their plan is.” The Daily News story quotes a SUNY press release saying “[t]here is a public state-approved sustainability plan for Downstate Medical Center.”

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  • TMS

    So happy they are standing up for us. I don’t understand how on one hand, Park Slope’s Methodist is looking to tear down historic brownstones to expand, and on the other LICH is closing. Can’t Methodist take over LICH and expand there instead? Makes sense to this layman.

  • HenryLoL

    SO TIRED of this issue. Park Slope is all alone in the middle of Brooklyn with no hospitals around. In Brooklyn Heights you are a 15 minute taxi ride away from some of the best hospitals and doctors in the world. The hospital makes no money because of this and they need to close it. The gov’t and (LOL!) politicos have NO RIGHT to say they have to stay open! This is all about unions and is absurd!

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    And, you, sir, are an idiot.

  • Remsen Street Dweller
  • agoraks

    15 minutes if you want to visit leisurely how about you cut your finger off, or break your leg..have a stroke, or MI..you think 15 minutes is soon enough with a cab..you will be the first one to scream on top your lungs that your rights of hospital have been revoked..well?

  • William Spier

    I don’t where HenryLOL lives or even what planet he inhabits, but Methodist Hospital is in the heart of Park Slope. I am just sick of this person’s ignorant posts.

  • Guest

  • Bear Larsson

    ”The hospital makes no money because of this and they need to close it”

    That statement alone is ridiculous. The very fact that it is a HOSPITAL means that people should fight to keep it open.

    You bemoan the fact that Park Slope has no hospitals around and yet you would still be happy to see another Brooklyn one close??

    (it’s a VERY short cab ride to LICH from Park Slope BTW).

  • William spier

    And HenryLOL’s posts are right wing rants. Not once in his posts has he ever explored the real issues of a hospital closing,the ramifications for the community, the naked politics involved and other issues I’ve brought up since February. Mr. LOL, let’s engage in real debate. Let’s see if there is some depth to your mind or some nutty social and economic ideology that brews the smug nonsense you post. Let’s go, I’m up for it.

  • tl

    The public state approved plan is for saving Downstate. It does not address LICH. What is the plan for saving LICH?

  • gbkm
  • gbkm


  • Rick

    Don’t even bother responding to him. HenryLOL is a well-known troll who has decided to make this website his trolling ground.

  • Susan Raboy

    They have no plan other than selling to a developer who will build condos. LICH Save Lives and we need LICH

  • William Spier

    Just heard that SUNY sold the LICH parking garage to to Ratner. No surprise,

  • BobStone

    “Publicity stunt”? If so, it worked. It finally drew out the Governor and we begin to get an idea of where he stands: on the side of stealing our hospital and handing it over to deep-pocketed developers, who may, just may, remember him when he makes his presidential run. Many thanks to Dorothy Seigel, Joan Millman and the others who grabbed his attention. Better publicity than SUNY’s paying for its PR, and it won’t be charged to the taxpayers.

  • gc

    Let Cuomo know that you will be voting against him in the future if LICH closes.

  • Peter Pan

    Condo parking spots?