84th Precinct Police Blotter – 7/10/13

The Complaint Department is not the place to complain in the 84th Precinct. It’s this week’s blotter.

I mention the Complaint Department not because there was a crime committed there, but when I walked into the precinct yesterday, there was quite a scene between the woman who manned that desk, and someone whom I guess was complaining. To be fair, I think you have to greet each day with some kind of steely resolve to handle what’s dished out there. So who’s complaining? Not me.

Continuing our report of the July 1st shooting on Pearl Street: the criminal has not been caught, and he got away with $35,000. So the Daily News was correct when they said a “substantial amount” was stolen. The report only mentions that the victim was carrying a duffel bag full of cash when he was approached by a man on a bike who said, “Give me the bag!” When he refused, he was shot. How the man knew the duffel bag was full of cash is a question that has yet to be answered.

In other Pearl Street news—on July 2nd, two men tried to steal an iPhone from a man on the corner of Pearl and York. The victim, however, was able to hold onto his phone, and the men then fled.

Nearby, a 20-year-old woman reported that because she did not want to talk to her child’s father, he stole her cell phone. The 23-year-old man was later arrested.

Two cases of compromised bank accounts: the first took place on July 1st, where a 62-year-old woman reported that someone managed to gain access to her checking and savings accounts, withdrawing a total of $2,300. In the second, a 65-year-old woman reported that an unknown person forged her signature on a check and got away with $1,850.

On July 3rd, $1,020 worth of t-shirts were stolen from Armani Exchange on DeKalb Ave. The culprits, two men and two women, are still at large.

A July 1st break-in on State St. was thwarted when the alarm system drove the would-be thief away.

Similar to an earlier case where a woman was conned by a phony broker; a man reported that he gave $1,300 as security for an apartment, only to discover the apartment never existed.

Finally, a man was hit with a bike chain outside Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine on Smith St. He surprisingly only sustained minor injuries. And that’s this week’s blotter. Now I return to the job hunt. Who’s complaining?

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  • jivika

    not me! good luck with the hunt (as long as the blotters don’t stop!) anyone watch brooklyn DA? pretty sure this happened right outside, right? i was riveted but streamed it online and guessing it got cancelled and won’t get to see this unfold…

  • HeatherQuinlan

    Thanks! And yes, ironically it did happen outside the DA’s office. Wonder if that made the cut!