St. George Tower Ground Floor Space To Be Sales Office For Brooklyn Bridge Park Condos

This dispatch from BHB contributor Teresa Genaro via Open Thread Wednesday:

The huge, long-vacated space on the northeast corner of Clark and Hicks — was a pizza place for a while, was rumored to be a Tea Lounge at one point — is undergoing a complete renovation and will be the sales office for the Brooklyn Bridge Park condos. According to the superintendent of the project, the office is supposed to open in September and will feature a model of one of the apartments.

The space, vacant for 6 1/2 years was last occupied by Palmira’s Restaurant and was at one point planned to be an outpost of the Tea Lounge. Those plans fell through for a variety of reasons.

Tea Lounge owner Jonathan Spiel shared his vision for the space with BHB’s Sarah Portlock in 2009:

Spiel has since expanded the Tea Lounge franchise to Kuwait.

Photo by Homer Fink

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  • Joshua Derr

    Homer, can you please make sure photos pulled from Flickr such as my photo of the St. George above are properly credited and linked? Flickr provides copy and paste HTML for this.

  • BrooklynBugle

    We got it from the St. George site, didn’t see credit. Will update post.

  • Joshua Derr
  • north heights res

    Up on my soapbox: this is why it’s not ever cool to post a photo without knowing where it came from or who took it. There’s a lot of cribbed photography out there, and you can’t just copy photos, in the same that you can’t just copy text. Much of it is copyright, and even giving credit doesn’t mean it’s not a violation. In most cases, you need the permission of the photographer or the rights holder to legitimately use it. Otherwise, it’s stealing, and it can take money directly out of photographers’ pockets.