Della Pietra’s: New Butcher on the Block

Soon to be sandwiched between Sahadi’s and Damascus on Atlantic Avenue is Della Pietra’s Gourmet Meats. According to the countdown clock on their site, they’ll be opening at the end of the month. Read on to see what they have in store.

—beef aged 4-6 weeks

—all-natural, free-range poultry

—pork from the berkshire black hog

—all-natural lamb

—edibles, cheeses, bread, vinegars and olive oils

Looks good to me! Though interestingly, their FB page and phone recording describes Della Pietra’s as being in Cobble Hill, though at 193 Atlantic Avenue (replacing the ill fated Catania) aren’t they technically in Brooklyn Heights?

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  • km

    If this turns out to be as good as I hope it will, I’ll be very very happy!

  • Bloomy

    Assuming they will have some good cuts of grassfed beef and pasture raised chicken I am very excited.

  • AEB

    Fingers crossed….

  • FullSpecial


  • DIBS

    Interesting to see how they compare to Los Paisanos, which I love and has a HUGE selection.

  • EJ

    We have 2 great butchers within a few blocks of this. Not really a “need”

  • mlcraryville

    Seems redundant meat-wise and otherwise.

  • Kimberly

    This neighborhood is in desperate need of an upscale butcher! Quite excited…

  • mymy

    it’s about time the heights had another butcher. keeping my fingers crossed.