CB2: Thumbs Up on Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar

The new Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar [50 Henry Street] cleared its first hurdle in gaining approval for an On Premises liquor license last night.  Community Board 2’s Health, Environment and Social Services Committee voted 7 – 0  to recommend to the State Liquor Authority that the new venture between Henry’s End and Cranberry’s be granted a liquor license.   The motion will now move onto the board’s Executive Committee where it will likely be approved and passed onto the SLA.  The SLA is not bound by the decision, but this is a good sign for the BHWB regardless.

According to a meeting attendee, the wine bar’s new owners made it clear to the board that it is a new venture free and clear of the previous owners and management of the Wine Bar at 50 Henry Street.   They also cited comments on Brooklyn Heights Blog as being an example of strong community support for their effort.  Reps of the wine bar mentioned that Heights Hero Otis Pearsall vouched for them and had circulated a petition to rally support.  BHB Ten member and Jack the Horse Taven chef/owner Tim Oltmans was on hand to offer his blessing if necessary.

In another vote, the committee voted 7 – 0 to recommend that new establishment at 7 Old Fulton Street not be approved for a liquor license.   The panel reportedly suggested the owner apply for a Restaurant Wine license.  A resident of 7 Old Fulton Street who led the public opposition to the application suggests that if the new restaurant proves to be a “good neighbor” they may be able to support that application.

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  • kbs

    Perhaps it should be called “Cranberry’s End”!

  • Andrew Porter

    The first thing they should do is get an exorcism of the bad spirits the place has had. Just in case. There’s a Catholic church just around the corner, isn’t there?

  • David on Middagh

    … and once it has risen from the dead it shall be christened, “Easter Than The Water”.

  • Just a Neighbor

    I was thinking the same thing, Andrew…yes, there’s a church around the corner. Methinks we should enlist their assistance here..it’s for a good cause!