The Kid’s New Albany Digs

The PolitickerNY’s Jimmy Vielkind profiles our new man in the NYS Senate, Daniel Squadron.   So far – he’s had to stand during Governor Patterson’s State of the State address and there’s no computer in his office.  Sounds like a typical first week at any job, eh?

PolitickerNY: The New Guy’s Perspective: One of his first tasks will be working with colleagues on reforming the chamber’s rules to be more empowering (just how empowering remains to be seen, and given Squadron’s high expectations, it may well fall short) to rank-and-file members.

There will also be the challenges of establishing a Senate office and working out which staffers will do what. Now, the walls are bare, there are no computers and the only thing in the outer room on the day of the big speech was some empty donut boxes and containers of coffee.

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  • marsha rimler

    Good luck Daniel
    Marsha Rimler

  • my2cents

    wonder if marty left any booby traps in the office on the way out.

  • Claude Scales

    I was there yesterday with lots of others all over the office, and nothing awful happened.

  • BklynLifer

    Looking forward to effective, energetic representation, for a change.