Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar’s Liquor License Up for CB2 Review

The new joint venture between Henry’s End and Cranberry’s located at the space formerly known as the Wine Bar at 50 Henry Street will be called Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar.  The new owners will be pitching their case for a liquor license at this Wednesday’s (1/7) CB2 meeting according a public notice posted in its window this morning. The meeting will be held at the Brooklyn Hospital Center, 121 DeKalb Ave., North Pavilion, Third Floor Conference Rooms 3A and 3B at 6PM.

More to the point, the new owners have already stated that the manager of the disgraced Wine Bar at 50 Henry and its sister establishments, Dan Kaufman, will not be involved.   Moreover, entity information about the  LLC operating the new wine bar makes no mention of “Corner of Cranberry” kingpin Alan Young.

As for whether Young is still holding the lease to the storefront, BHB is awaiting a response from the landlord at 50 Henry Street for clarification.  However co-owner Mark Lahm tells the Brooklyn Eagle, “We didn’t buy the bar from Young, but we leased the space from the building’s landlord.”

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  • my2cents

    fingers and toes crossed! Pleasepleaseplease.

  • Neighborhood Observer

    I have known Jim and his family at Cranberry’s for more than 30 years from the time he had his cheese shop on Cranberry Street in the middle of the block between Hicks/Willow. Our family have been regulars at Henry’s End from before Mark’s transformation of the menu from pita-burgers. In all these years I have experienced them as honest entrepeneurs with strong roots in Brooklyn Heights and a genuine commitment to the community. I am confident that this joint venture is good news for our North Heights neighborhood. Thank you Jim and Mark.

  • cranberry resident

    I agree Neighborhood Observer. I hope everyone is supportive of the license so that we can actually have something good stay in that corner!

  • Cranky

    I can’t wait. Henry’s End is soo good. Now we’ll have a real wine bar and it will be good!!! Yay!!!

  • AB

    Y’all gonna whup me if I say that the idea of a wine bar to replace a wine bar, which was, after all, just a wine bar, doesn’t strike me as an event to rejoice over?

    ((Ouch! That HURT!!))

  • Jazz

    actually sounds more like a bistro…. serving breakfast and lunch and then becoming a wine bar.. more like an all day hangout if you ask me. the wine bar was far from welcoming with that Chef Dan guy around.

  • yo

    i was hoping for a pet store….

  • Cranky

    They spent all that time remodeling the Wine Bar to make it into something dreary. It had a much lighter feel before the remodel.

  • AB

    Here’s an idea for one of the vacant stores on Henry near Cranberry: a bordello.

    Am I onto something?

    Could serve different sexes/sexual proclivities depending on the day, or month. For example, any month with an “R” in it it would be….

    …well, you get the picture. Could be the start of a whole new industry: sex tourism to Brooklyn Heights….

  • AEB

    Oooops: all comments above attributed to AB are actually those of me, AEB.

    A fly in the ointment…..

  • joe

    Why bother with letters AEB? Do what the people of Pompeii did and have a picture menu.

    Check this arrow from the streets of Pompeii pointing to the red light district. Can you imagine that on Henry and Montague today? Given BH’s past it would not have been so shocking pre circa 80’s.

  • cummintogetya

    Does anyone know where to find Kaufman?