Esquire Mag/DIY Network Made DUMBO’s Clock Tower Ultimate Bachelor Pad

In 2011 Esquire Magazine and DIY Network featured a makeover of the Clock Tower penthouse at One Main Street in DUMBO, which Two Trees Management listed in 2009 for $25 million. Now, the “ultimate bachelor pad” will be featured on the DIY Network on Thursday, January 19, at 10 p.m. Video after the jump. (Thanks to Karl Junkersfeld for the tip.)

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  • Gerry

    I thought that this had been done?

    I recall a plan to decorate the VERY expensive clock-loft and I thought it had been completed?

    A few years ago I had been up there for a look the space has tremendous potential.

    Two Trees should hold a type of house tour with this loft on the list of homes to raise some money for a charity that serves DUMBO put me down for 2 tickets I would love to see some of these new homes.

  • X

    Looks like no one can afford this type of luxury

  • C4Rlo

    I wonder what they tell prospects about lightning strikes?