Walentas Looks to Clock Sucker Punch Recession


Two Trees has listed the super-fantastic Clocktower apartment at One Main Street in Dumbo for sale at $25 million dollars. Recession? Feh!

Check out the apartment in all its glory at clocktowerny.com . The New York Times wrote about this 3,000 sq foot triplex earlier this year.

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  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/theyardie/298366254/ David

    If I lived there I’d be having sex around the clock.

  • bornhere

    In some masochistic tribute to “So, let’s have a look at what I’ll never have,” I watched the video pitch for this apartment. Talk about ambivalence on crack — the views of Brooklyn and the City can bring me to tears; but the look on Walentas’ face when, at the end, he points out that it’s not an apartment everyone can afford … well, words fail me.

  • AEB

    Chump change….

  • Publius

    Gaffaw. It’s worth 9 million tops. Some people think it’s still the bubble.

    Personally, I’d rather buy 25 $1 million apartments.

  • my2cents

    The views are jaw dropping, but honestly I don’t really like the space at all, and the windows are pretty small due to the limitations of the building. I would rather have 5 spectacular homes around the world for 5 million a pop than have this….and you could still get a pretty amazing place in Dumbo for 5M. The only reason they can justify this price is simply that the place is truly one of a kind. There is really only one place like it in the whole city, I will give them that!

  • Resident

    I would imagine the views at night are equally spectacular. They certainly are from other apartments in that building. I wonder why there was only one evening shot (at the end of the video) in the entire website.

  • Heights Neighbor

    Wow…talk about stripping out all of the character. A shame.

  • AEB

    Real estate porn. But I think my five-year-old dracaena marginata


    would do nicely there…..

  • Wow

    If you can afford a $25 million apt, how much do you tip the super? The Fresh Direct delivery people? Do you use Windex for the windows, or is there a special ingredient used for those with $25 million apts?

  • Timeless

    Will the apartment’s new owner be allowed to stop or reverse time (sort of like Superman flying backwards), or must they allow the clocks to always remain running?

    I can just imagine the clocks breaking (they did a while back) and some greasey mechanics coming in on their $25 million floors…

  • zburch

    tick tock tick tock. Thats quite a chunk of change to be reminded so dramatically of time slipping away. A good place to go truly bonkers!

  • John Wentling

    I can see someone of average height (judging by the salesman/tour guide in the video) having issues with the master bedroom and bath – you’d really have to be careful, that’s a concussion waiting to happen.

  • AEB

    The awful truth–for the Walentas, that is–is that the apartment is not really suitable for inhabiting comfortably/furnishing–which is to say, it’s an object: beautiful in itself, undoubtedly, but….

    It would be perfect, though, for a small business of the “creative” type.

    Let’s have fun watching the price drop….

  • travy

    friends of friends lived here in the late 90’s–though it may have been the other clock building and i believe i recall being told they paid under a million. yikes!

  • bornhere

    I’m also thinking that whoever buys it will likely need to save some dollars for therapy — not only to address having spent way too much money but also for having to watch clocks that work backwards. Yippee.

  • RatNYC

    We all know that apartment will end up being inhabitted by a super villain. It looks to me like the perfect hang out to plot taking over the city, or the world. Certainly worth a lot more than $25 mill.

  • mc

    For 25 million I don’t want an open kitchen which is just an expanded version of every other renovated kitchen in Dumbo. I want someplace where the servants can lurk unseen, provide my guests and me with lavish meals, then slip off to wherever they go when not waiting on me hand and foot.

  • tb

    at the very least you could throw some kick-ass parties!

  • nabeguy

    RatNYC, you nailed it. The whole place has the taint of a demonic bald-man Dr Evil-cum Lex Luthor lair. Mwahahaha.