Open Thread Wednesday, 12/5/2012

It’s a tough, lonely job, but someone has to do it. What’s on your mind? Comment away!


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  • Lauren

    Heather and Claude (and anyone else who would like to come to Vineapple tomorrow (Friday) between 7pm – 10pm), I look forward to meeting you!

  • michele

    So I filed a complaint with the Mayor’s Office of Fame Theater & Broadcasting. I recommend anyone else is is unhappy should do the same 212-489-6710. I also have another call in with with John Batista who is the Deputy Comm of Film Braodcasting becasue my complaint is not only against the film crews but moreso with the Mayors office for issuing these permits without any restrictions or parameters.

    The number and frequency of these film crews to the neighborhood has become a real inconvenience for residents. Last night they were filming until 2am and then it got even louder when they were packing up and rollong equipment genrators and deisle engines and trailer lifts up and down loading ban ging equipment. It was not a delight or a treat at 3am. But they are not entirely to blame, after all they were issuedan all nite permit. Why are we allowing the Mayors office to issue all night permits on residential blocks and on weeknites. I’m seriously over it.
    I also called Couselman Steve Levin’s office. They are trying to bring improvements but need this type of feedback from residents. Call the office please and give them your feedback at 718-875-5200.

  • AmyinBH

    Jane, Try the overstock liquidator store on Court St. for wrapping paper and gift bags. B&N has wrap and cards.

  • Mlo

    Roebeling is a nice space for a gathering.

  • Jeremy

    Vernor’s! My family sends it to me from the source. (Our UPS guy John recognizes the heavy package and tells us, “Another shipment of that weird soda for you!”) Or the family drives it in. The online stores are too expensive. There’s a connoisseur on Remsen St (perhaps one of you?), based on the packaging I saw out on the curb one day…I was excited because it looked like it came from a Fresh Direct box, but I checked and they don’t carry. You can get Faygo (diet only, for some reason) at some Shoprite markets around here.

  • weegee

    Faygo has turned up suddenly in the Sheetz chain of convenience stores in Central PA.

    They send 55 gallon drums of New York water to Florida for bagels and pizza…we can send Fox’s U-Bet to Michigan.

  • FoodieGirl

    Brixtony- I suggest you try the matzoh ball soup again from Park Place. I just ordered it last week for the first time and it was excellent. The matzoh balls were flavorful, the chicken broth tasted like the real deal and there were pieces of chicken and vegetables in it too. Yum. I’ll definitely be getting that again in the future. I guess they got their act together since you ordered last.

  • Wiley E.

    Does Park Place serve wild game? Elmer wants some fresh wabbit.

  • GHB

    Anybody notice the homeless guy who seems to have taken up residence inside Tazza on Clark Street? He’s taken a window seat right at the entrance for the past few days. He’s also sitting there for hours at a time. I feel bad that he’s in such a predicament, but that can’t be good for business.

  • Brixtony

    Foodie girl – it was last week that I supped soup. The problem seems to be down to inconsistency. I always order it and have had 3 not-so-goods in a row – but for different reasons.