Excellence Threading Salon Weaves Its Way To 91 Montague

That didn’t take too long. Jeffrey Stein Concept Hair Salon at 91 Montague Street closed its doors in early September after 17 months in biz, and now, three months later, Excellence Threading Salon is open and ready to serve your needs for eyebrow threading, facials, massages and Brazilian waxing. Excellence has another location at 838 Broadway in Bedford Stuyvesant, which has received, uh, excellent reviews on Yelp.

Before Jeffrey Stein opened in February 2011 at 91 Montague, the space was occupied by Dimples Kids’ Spa. On each side of the trio of retailers in the building: Heights Deli & Convenience (which opened in May 2010) and VIP Nails & Salon (opened February 2012).

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  • Jorale-man

    I always wonder what dark arts go into “eyebrow threading.” The phrase just sounds kind of unpleasant anyway you look at it.

  • HenryLoL

    What a joke. Who owns that little strip of stores? They must not be using good brokers… There are a million things that could thrive on Monty… Why does such junk come there?!?

  • Wiley E.

    How about some pre-paid cell phone cards?

  • DrewB

    I give it three months. I bet is closed before the leaves return to the trees.

  • Joe

    How much threading does one neighborhood need? There is threading place on the 2nd floor near key foods which probably has lower rent than this location.

  • willowl

    Joe- the threading places next to key food is the one that moved to 91 montague

  • Andrew Porter

    Threading also available at the Diva Salon, that moved from corner of Orange/Henry to next to crummy Chinese take-out dump on Henry.

  • Joe

    willowl–just when I was thinking the eyebrow nazis have descended on our neighborhood. I’m beginning to think that location is cursed however, just like the old Palmira’s location on Hicks and Clark.

    New observation, how many nail salons does one neighborhood need? I think I counted 5 just on Montague St–was suppose to be 1 more with Iris Nail which mysteriously disappeared even before they opened. And there are probably 4-5 more in other parts of BH.

    If you add in the hair salons, that is a lot of businesses geared towards personal grooming.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlsiLOnWCoI Arch Stanton

    Many of those “nail salons” and similar businesses are simply laundering illicit money.

  • Saa419

    Jorale-man….eyebrow threading is no big secret, but there is an art to it. It’s done with two strings that are used together to cut the eyebrow hair off at the root. It doesn’t hurt any more than tweezing….just a tiny sting.

    I’ve had my eyebrows done at a place in downtown Brooklyn for $5 for both eyes. I can only imagine what these people will charge….just to make their rent.

    I’ve had my hair colored at 2 salons on Montague Street only for the convenience of walking down the block. I had a mere root touch up, no cut, no blow drying…all for $75…and a million dollars for tips since they want to warrant their fees, one person sits you in a chair, another gets you a drink, another does the service, another washes it out, then you’re sat in the “expert’s” chair to try to convince you to spend more money. I feel scammed every time I walked out of these places.

    Since the rents are high on Montague Street, be prepared to be ripped off for their services at any rate.

  • Sally

    I get my nails done once a week, and there are usually lines at the fabulous salon on Henry. In a pinch I tried VIP once, but they’re not very good and I probably won’t go back. If Henry is too busy or closed, I usually find myself having to head over to Remsen. I find that there are not enough good nail salons in the area!! It would be great if we had at least one that would stay open late.