Open Thread Wednesday, 12/5/2012

It’s a tough, lonely job, but someone has to do it. What’s on your mind? Comment away!


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  • Wiley E.

    The hook is baited. Who will bite.

  • Diane.

    Hi Wiley, Excitedly I moved to the Heights three months ago from metro Detroit. After unpacking and exploring my new city I was mission driven to find a job. My job so far has been volunteering for the relief efforts from Sandy including with NYCares, a fabulous organization. I moved here not knowing a soul. Wiley, do you have any advice for someone who wants to find employment in the area besides surfing the internet, monster, or Workforce 1? It’s hard when you don’t know any locals, have been told you are overqualified and really want to become a productive member of this awesome community.

  • DIBS


    Can you give us some idea what you are qualified to do or, more importantly, what you’d like to do?

    A friend who has just been laid off from an accounting function within a high tech business said he may have to dumb down his resume in order to get hired for something due to the “overqualified” issue. I think he’s right.

    Not sure how much help I could actually be. I’m now retired from the finance world

  • Mr. Crusty

    Diane you first problem seems to be asking Wiley E for advice.

    There is no magic to finding a job in NY or anywhere else. Scour the job search websites (,, etc.), find appropriate jobs and apply. Send resumes and cover letters to businesses in your chosen industry. I’m not sure what kind of advice you are looking for and why your not knowing any “locals” should really be any impediment to finding a job in a city like NY.

  • Asya

    Good morning everyone! Starting this weekend Asya will start serving a South Indian brunch. The menu can be seen at . We hope to see you then!

  • Mr. Crusty

    Oh, oh Claude be careful, Jorele-man is going to tell you how unfair it is to have a Nets hat leading off your open thread. Don’t you know people take their sports very seriously?

  • DIBS

    People take the Nets seriously???

  • GHB

    People with leaf blowers… Are you really so frickin’ lazy that you can’t pick up a rake and a garbage bag? That’s right, blow it into the street so it’s no longer my problem. Nice!

  • DIBS

    I can see GHB out there in his bathrobe waving his cane at the leaf blowers!!!! :)

  • Claude Scales

    DIBS: the Knicks take the Nets seriously.

  • DIBS

    I don’t follow basketball anyway.

  • DrewB

    The filming has really gotten out of control. Some shoot has taken over 905 of the parking in south heights, including not allowing the firemen to park in front of the fire house 224 on Hicks street. This is getting pretty ridiculous. I saw that another shoot is going to be taking over parking all over the area from Thursday through sunday.

  • zburch

    I can get a dosa in the nabe! That makes me very happy, I just wish they were available everyday…hint hint

  • DrewB

    @Aysa. South Indian in the Heights? Sweet! That means I don’t have to travel to “Curry Hill” to get my Dosa fix!

  • gatornyc

    Can anyone recommend a physical therapist in the neighborhood for treatment of a back problem? Thanks in advance.

  • Monty

    I have often rued the fact that so few ethnic restaurants (I hate that term, but everyone knows what I mean) serve breakfast. I’m born and raised in the US, but I really can’t stand eating cereal or toast or bacon in the morning. A dosa would really hit the spot.

  • DIBS

    Congee is great for breakfast but I’ve never seen it in a US Chinese restaurant.

  • Gerry

    @ Diane – you can bet that Networking is the only way that you will find a job.

    Try Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce events call National Grid office of community relations and ask them if you may sit at the table they buy to the monthy chamber luncheon and all the other chamber activities they promote.

    Its all about networking you must get out and be with people if you are going to find a job.

  • Heather Quinlan

    Hey Homer, is the BHB having an end-of-year-get-together?

  • AEB

    DIBS, you can find great conngee ay Congee Village and Great New York Noodletown, both in Manhat.

    (Just tried to post links, but my post didn’t show up.)

  • AEB

    conngee = congee
    ay = at

    Hey, it’s still early in the day….

  • DIBS

    Yes, I meant to add that it can be found in Chinatown; just not ever at your local Chinese restaurant.

  • DIBS

    Hey…someone who posted over on my Brownstoner Forum post about organic Christmas trees said that Susan from Sketch and Hammer has a shop nearby the corner of Monyague and Clinton. Anyone know the name of it and where it is????

  • AEB

    (Well, DIBBS, you said “…in a US Chinese restaurant.” But the qualification is apt.)

  • Winston Smith

    Heather, great idea. I would love to see Crusty & Gerry meet in person!

  • DIBS

    I’m relatively new to this blog and don’t know most of you people yet but a group of us core losers, er users, from Brownstoner have been meeting up for many years, oftentimes nearby at Monteros.

  • Homer Fink

    @heather – great question. Who would have us?

  • DIBS

    As I just pointed out, Homer, Monteros is apparently not too particular about their clientele!!!!!! I’m not sure if that’s too low brow for this crowd though. Methinks not.

  • Winston Smith

    Homer, like DIBS said “Montero’s”

  • DIBS

    Also, although I’ve never been inside, the big diner on Cadman next to Cadman Tower just recently remodelled and it looks like they put in a huge sports bar area. There are 5-6 big TVs but I hear the food is awful.