Image Of The Day: Burgers & Franks Along Downtown Brooklyn’s Fulton Mall

This Hamburger/Frankfurter joint in Downtown Brooklyn along Fulton Mall—just across from the burgeoning City Point mixed-use project—continues to do stellar business, but as the neighborhood continues to gentrify by the week, will it soon be a memory of bygone times? Digitally enhanced a la 1960s, taken October 2012. (Photo: Chuck Taylor)

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  • yoohoo

    Stellar business is not a surprise in these days of $16 lobster rolls.

  • T.K. Small

    When I was five or six, my mother had been at Abraham & Strauss and she took us here for a snack. My mother was standing next to me, as I sat in my wheelchair and her packages were on the ground next to my wheel. She turned towards the counter for a very brief second, and someone walking by carefully reached down and absconded with her items.