Velazquez, Long are Primary Winners

According to NY1, incumbent U.S. Representative Nydia Velazquez easily staved off a well-financed primary challenge by City Councilman Erik Dilan, as well as two lesser known challengers, for the Democratic nomination for the 7th Congressional District seat. The margin of her victory (she got 61% of the vote) must come as a blow to North Brooklyn based Democratic boss Vito Lopez, who backed Dilan.

On the GOP side, the winner of the three way race to challenge incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Kirstin Gillibrand is attorney Wendy Long, who describes herself as “a true blue conservative” in the mold of Ronald Reagan. This, no doubt, sets Prom Gal’s heart aflutter.

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  • Judy

    Claude, 7th Congressional District is correct.

  • carol

    Congresswoman Velasquez’s new district is the 7th. Her former district was the 12th. The federal court was forced to intervene and produce new congressional districts based on the 2010 census because the state legislature was unable to agree on a plan.

  • Claude Scales

    Shame on me for trusting on-line maps.

  • Elmer Fudd

    Congratulations, Nydia!

  • Andrew Porter

    Martinez got all of 750 votes, I like to think partially because he covered BH in posters. I got lots of healthy exercise tearing a lot of them down—carefully removing both posters and tape—after trying to tell the youthful campaign workers putting them on lightpoles that the city banned this practice before they were born. They didn’t listen, and tried to tell me that a vote for Velazquez was a vote for Wall Street. Entirely wrong neighborhood to use that argument.

  • Merlin

    To Andrew–I also had a run in with an OWS type hipster campaigning for Martinez who was trying to make the same argument, telling me that Nydia takes money from Goldman Sachs, blah blah blah. When I insisted on my support for Nydia, he said, “well if you live around here, maybe Nydia is the best candidate for you” (implying, of course, that my interests, by nature of living in a wealthy area, are somehow tied to those of Wall Street). Interestingly enough, George Martinez scored highest at the polls in the 52nd AD (Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill) than he did anywhere else, garnering 194 of his 750 votes here. So maybe the kitschy hip-hop-people-power BS worked in this area (which seems to refute their claim that Nydia is Wall Street’s candidate).