Open Thread: Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 23 is the 39th birthday of sensual R&B crooner Maxwell, born in Brooklyn in 1973. Best known for his top 5 single “Fortunate” in 1999, his 2001 album “Now” and 2009’s “BLACKsummers’night” both reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200.The latter album also won a Grammy for Best R&B Album and single “Pretty Wings” won for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance.

So now, BHB comrades, on this Open Thread Wednesday, spread your pretty wings and share what’s on your mind.

(Photo: Terry Seal/Flickr)

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  • tb


  • Neighbor Hood

    OK this is more about the Columbia waterfront area but…anyone know what’s going on with the huge stage and light show set up on Pier 9 at Kane/Columbia? Op Sail is supposed to be at Pier 7&8. Last night Katy Perry was sound checking all her “hits”. What up?

  • mbutz

    I missed my opportunity last week to lament over the plans proposed for the Bossert Hotel. If ever a high end coop should be created THAT should be the place – talk about being heartbroken about opportunity lost.

  • Livingston

    I heard “Knishes” mentioned on CBS Radio this morning — it was part of a piece about how regional accents are disappearing.

    The Adam Yauch/Squibb Park Facebook effort was also reported, although they neglected any mention of the new State Street Park development.

  • columbiaplace

    A big thanks to whomever it was that planted all those lovely flowers on Columbia Place.

    On another note, someone or should I say some idiot, didn’t pick up their dog’s poop a couple of steps away from Iris Cafe. Not something I want to see or smell while drinking my cup of coffee.

  • DrewB

    Also curious about what is going down on the piers along Columbia Street. There was some pretty rockin music playing there until about midnight last night with a full on light show. I can see from my window that there is still a stage set up down by the water. Sounded like a fun time last night.

  • chicagokath314

    What’s the background story of the massive residential buildings on Cadman (like the one above Gristedes) and also the Walt Whitman co-op? Just curious.

  • PBL

    Not quite Brooklyn Heights, but I was in Vinegar Hill yesterday and I took a walk down a street I had never visited, and came across a HUGE gated white house (totally out of place in Brooklyn). I asked the two people standing guard about it, and it turns out they film Boardwalk Empire there (Nucky Thompson’s house). I had no idea! Here is the house (this is not my blog, but I found this online):

    Here is an article confirming BE is filmed there:

  • EHinBH

    chicagokath317 — The towers were built in the 60s and were part of a Mitchell-Llama esque program where ‘middle income’ people could buy apartments for a very low cost, but if you sold it you did not get much gains. These three buildings were very popular with teachers and unions. The middle building — Whitman — is no longer part of the program and now the apartments sell for market rate (see link below).

  • Eddyenergizer
  • Terry

    Yay! Thanks for using my picture Chuck!

  • lcd

    I noticed a new structure on Pier 1 last week – actually off pier 1, it’s in the water – looks like some kind of boat launch (ferry pick-up?) – there was a crane doing work on the platform, which had 2 ramps attached. It’s located in the north-west area of Pier 1. Anyone know what this is?

  • Cassie VonMontague

    Any tips for surviving the mosquito Scourge this summer? Are the Heights worse off than the rest of the city since we’re close to the water?

  • GHB

    Cassie, I doubt it since the river is always moving. I’d be careful down by Brooklyn Bridge Park, where the pools of water are pretty stagnant.

  • She’s Crafty

    CVM, I haven’t noticed a terrible problem with mosquitos, at least no worse than any other Brooklyn area, which the exception of a couple of playgrounds (worst: the Columbia/Congress Street playground). Keep in mind that since unless you are down in BBP you’re pretty high off the water.

  • Matthew Parker

    @lcd: That new structure off Pier one is a new ferry dock that will replace the old one which is bad shape. The East River Ferry and Water Taxi (and in the future perhaps other ferries) will use it to transfer passengers.

  • Tony

    Spare a thought, dear reader, for those of us whose apartments face Grace Court Alley. There are two major renovations taking place right now, and the noise is intolerable. Jackhammers, garbage trucks, and Lord knows what else is going on in there — it sounds like a war zone.

  • JV

    PBL, if you go on the Brooklyn navy yards tour they take you to this house. You can’t go in but you stand at the gate and they tell you about it. It used to belong a military figure and the back over looks the navy yard. It has like a widows walk so he could keep watch on what was going on. A doctor now owns it. Seems very out if place doesn’t it?

  • lcd

    Ah ha! thanks, Matthew.

  • PBL

    JV, very cool, thanks for the info. It completely caught me off guard, which would have been interesting enough, but what really compelled me was the fact that my favorite show was filmed there. Had no clue!

  • Mark

    I read an interesting article on Wired today concerning a bill in the state legislature that would ban anonymous online comments. This could certainly make things interesting here.

    “Proposed legislation in both chambers would require New York-based websites, such as blogs and newspapers, to “remove any comments posted on his or her website by an anonymous poster unless such anonymous poster agrees to attach his or her name to the post.””

  • chicagokath314

    JV, PBL– yes, when the Brooklyn Navy Yard was in its heyday it was the Admiral’s House. I HIGHLY recommend Urban Oyster’s tour of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

  • DrewB

    @ Mark. WOW! That seems like a HUGE over reach. ANd as the article says, has no chance of withstanding a First Amendment court challenge. It would be interesting to see if some of that sponsoring legislators were victims of some negative online postings. This feels like someone got their undies in a bunch. Surely there are better things for the legislature to be concentrating on…

  • JV

    Chicagokath314, tour was great. Have you taken any other tours that urban oyster offers? I have not but think the others must be great as well. They seem to know their stuff.

  • Tony

    Can anyone recommend a dentist in the nabe? Thanks …

  • DrewB

    @Tony: I’ve been going to Dr. Eric Last DDS on Schemerhorn for years. I’ve had everything from routine cleaning to oral surgery. He is great!

  • AL

    William Teen, DDS

  • chicagokath314

    JV- no, I haven’t done any other Urban Oyster tours but I definitely plan to. This will be my next one:—craft-beer-crawl.html

  • She’s Crafty

    Ooooh, just to irritate “some people” I want to propose re-naming Cadman Plaza Park to Maxwell Park.

  • Mr. Grouchy

    anybody have ten cent or a quarter?

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    Seems like my every day starts with this sweet serenade.

    Just a curious question? Does the below EVER get enforced?

    N.Y. PEN. LAW § 240.35 : NY Code – Section 240.35: Loitering

    A person is guilty of loitering when he:
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    anybody have ten cent or a quarter?

    anybody have ten cent or a quarter?