Saturday’s Spring Egg Hunt A Smash Success!

The Spring Egg Hunt on Saturday drew a crowd of parents and kids that started lining up to the entrance of the Pierrepont Playground by 9:30 a.m. for the 10 a.m. event. Within 15 minutes, the line extended past 2 Montague Terrace all the way to Remsen Street. See Karl Junkersfeld’s action-packed video after the jump!

(Photos: Karl Hedlund)

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  • q

    What a nightmare.

  • BronxKid

    People come because it’s free? Charge a fee, even a minimum fee and the crowd may become more manageable.

  • lois

    Thanks for the great video, Karl. Pretty soon they will have to post a sign saying “Occupancy limited to ____ people”. I am glad everyone seemed to have a good time and that the weather cooperated.

  • GHB

    Nice, but what the hell is a “spring egg”?

  • EHinBH

    And Welcome to Park Slope.

  • Barry

    I passed by the playground just as the hunt was starting and it seemed like a huge waste of time for anyone who didn’t get there early. It looked like all of the eggs were already found before less than a quarter of the families lined up made it into the playground. I can’t imagine that it was such a happy time for the people who showed up and didn’t even have a chance to get any eggs.

  • Edith Bartley

    Did the Parks Department tell the organizers that they could not use the word “Easter,” or did they make that decision all by themselves?

  • q

    There’s never enough eggs to go around and the families that get there early allow their kids to hog up all of the eggs. Bad scene. A lot of disappointed little kids.

  • silly

    i think it’s a great thing they do in the park…good for them, it’s fun. If the line is too long, don’t go. Get some eggs and do it around your apartment. then you can eat them and or make a nice egg salad…

  • lois

    Nice comment, Edith. I had assumed that politically correct term had been decided upon solely by the committee, but perhaps there was some pressure to rename the Easter Egg hunt a Spring Egg Hunt. I also like the comment, What is a “spring egg”?

  • Bette

    A totally charming idea, but impossible given the number of parents and kids looking to do something on a nice day.
    I do feel bad for the kids that came “late” (or not an hour early), and didn’t get to find eggs, although it seems obvious that that would happen. Maybe the event should be an Easter Party, and parents should bring their own eggs/baskets and give them to their own kids at the event?
    Or have egg hunts in several parks, including the one down by the river on the Pier. I’m sure there are lots of people in the nabe who would volunteer to hide eggs all morning – I would!

  • The reason he filmed this

    I was actually pretty close to the front of the line and my son only got a few eggs. The organizers have no control over how many eggs some kids take (i saw kids with shopping bags full of eggs). The parents totally have control over that. I definitely agree that half way into it more eggs should’ve been put out. Last year i was at the end of the line and still got some eggs. I will volunteer next year and will throw some ideas out there so that there are no disappointed children excited to get some “spring eggs”

  • WillowSt.Neighbor

    “I saw kids with shopping bags full of eggs”.
    Only selfish parents would allow their children to fill up bags full of eggs. Shame on those parents who allowed this to happen.

  • monty

    We went and my daughter had fun and found a few eggs. The crowd was not only huge, but parents seemed to be hitting the same area. We found a lot of eggs on the grass on the east side of the playground. Staff were placing more eggs constantly, bit couldn’t get everywhere fast enough. And yes some parents were not only allowing their kids to hog eggs, they were grabbing them on their behalf. The problem is that there are shockingly few egg hunts around. Kids from all over Brooklyn descend on Pierrepont. It’s really well organized considering the huge crowd.

  • She’s Crafty

    Hmmmm, I don’t think it’s the neighborhood’s responsibility to provide egg hunts for the children (@ Monty: “shockingly few egg hunts around”). If parents want their kids to experience an egg hunt let them set it up for their own kids and friends. Otherwise your kid will grow up just fine without a couple of egg hunts each year.

  • Monty

    @She’s Crafty, did I say it was anyone’s responsibility?

  • Winstion Smith

    Not surprising to hear the children of the 1% were hogging up all the eggs and the parents too. Greed is the engine of capitalism.

  • Monty

    @Winstion, what makes you think the crowd represented the 1%? You think the super-rich line up for half an hour for a free event with a thousand other kids? Honestly, the commentary on this thread goes beyond the normal whiny/snarky comments and is just downright mean.

  • PromGal

      Did I wander on to the Park Slope blog by mistake?
    @Edith & Lois:
    nice comments!  
    My 2¢:
      “Spring” egg hunt? Then what do they call the Easter Bunny? 
       The Easter egg hunt has been going on in Brooklyn Heights for more than a hundred years with no problems. It is for children only, not parents. Kids can find the eggs all by themselves.
       The children of the 1% as one poster so divisively put it, or more like the 50% in the Heights, were in church with their parents, where they belong on Easter Sunday.
      The real Easter egg hunt is after church. 

  • Winstion Smith

    Monty, the income threshold for a household to in the top 1% is around $350K a year. I’m sure many of the children that play at PP qualify. How was I being mean? I commented on behavior witnessed by a couple of other commenters.

  • She’s Crafty

    @PromGal, the egg hunt referenced in this thread took place on the Saturday before Easter, not on Easter Sunday itself.

    @Monty, what I personally was responding to is all the whining, etc. about not enough eggs or egg hunts. Please people – your kids will grow up just fine without 5 egg hunts each Easter. We really are turning into Park Slope parents here on th is blog. A little BH restraint and common sense, please.

  • BH’er

    afa ‘spring egg’ is one that is laid in the fall and incubates throughout the winter, changes into a rainbow of colors and rolls into hiding places in homes and neighborhood parks after the thaw, according to

    it is produced at low cost “off shore” and brings joy and tears alike to those that find them and see them being found, respectively

    the ‘easter’ bunny was laid of in the recession along with a number of other non-politically correct characters, including the Thanksgiving turkey, tooth fairy, Super Bowl vixen and others

    the ‘spring’ bunny is provided by an offshore group that, unfortunately, offers no health care and a proverty wage but the bunny reports that he is grateful to have his wonderful, if tortuous, job

  • Livingston

    Ha ha! Very witty, BH’er

    As for Winstion Smith, I cannot believe you allowed that OWS-crap to leach into a conversation about an Easter Egg hunt. That type of p.c. b.s. is why it is now called a Spring Egg.

    What I was wondering was how many of the kids were actually from the ‘hood? Or does the PP subsidize the rest of Brooklyn’s lust for Easter Eggs?

  • Knight

    Livingston: I’ve noticed that Pierrepont Park is very popular with people from Downtown and Cobble Hill who come up and enjoy the park and the Promenade on a regular basis. So if the kids aren’t from the immediate neighborhood, they’re most likely park regulars all the same. Remember it’s not the park, but rather the BH Playground Association, that sponsors (and subsidizes) the event. Many of the people who contribute to the Association don’t live in the Heights, either.

  • Livingston


    I hope you aren’t misinterpreting my comment to mean that only those from the immediate could/should attend. I was just amazed at the sheer number of kiddies and somehow doubted that, although BH is a family-friendly neighborhood, we are experiencing a mini-population explosion of that magnitude. I just hope they ALL had fun, as they appeared to in the video.

  • GHB

    All this reminds me of the Little Rascals episode when a bunch of midgets dressed as babies got in to a high society event and stole jewels right off the attendees. Let the PC Police commence!

  • PromGal


  • Brooklyn Tea

    No worries…eventually the government will tax those who collect too many eggs as a benefit and squander the new revenue and call it redistribution of wealth.

  • David on Middagh

    Tax them tots!

    Greedy little diaper diggers.