214/216 Hicks Street Carves Out Space For Larger Tenant

The two narrow retail spaces at 214 and 216 Hicks Street—which housed the recently closed Overtures and Dara Ettinger—have been demolished inside to carve out a single larger space.

A manager at next door neighbor Heights Cafe at 84 Montague Street—which owns the retail building—tells BHB that no one has yet leased the space, but it is believed that the additional square footage will attract more potential vendors.

Dara Ettinger jewelry opened at the beginning of May 2011 and barely lasted eight months at 214 Hicks, while beloved stationery and gift boutique Overtures at 216 Hicks endured for 30 years. Still hanging on: high-end clothier J. McLaughlin at 218 Hicks.

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  • Claire

    I would love a Jamba Juice there. I know, with Crumbs and Pain Q, it would be yet another chain, but so yummy….

  • Donald

    Leasing to two different retailers that both sold jewelry was a head scratcher. Wiped each other out.

  • GHB

    But Overtures wasn’t a jewelry store, more of a gift shop. Carried different type of jewelry than Dara as well.

  • Marla Kesten

    What about a bicycle shop!!!!!

  • Monty

    Those two stores could be combined into one of these.

  • Nick BC

    I hope J McLaughlin is doing more than just hanging on. It’s good to have some decent clothes available in the hood.

  • lori

    I never thought Dara’s would make it. An unwise choice on her part, especially since Overtures started featuring a whole window of jewelry as soon as she opened. Let’s hope something interesting and lasting opens in that location.

  • carol

    Dara’s was a placeholder until Overtures’ lease expired. Landlord was not willing to give a long term lease for the Dara space – something any retailer needs.

  • EHinBH

    A bike shop (with rentals) would be a great idea. Oh, but you cant ride them on the Prom, so it probably wouldn’t do well. Still, just a plain ol bike shop with reasonable prices would be good.

  • Wrennie

    Come to think of it, we could definitely use a bike shop. I usually just go to Gotham in Tribeca. However, definitely no more rentals. We have enough of them coming out of BBP.

  • Hayley

    it would be awesome if they got rid of that ugly clothing store too and put all three together. Then we could get a Madewell or J. Crew…

  • Wrennie

    Yes!! I’ve always wondered why there are no J. Crews in Brooklyn. All we have is that Banana Republic which is probably the worst BR ever.

  • Jimbob

    A nice medical supply store specializing in walkers, handicap scooters and other items alike would for sure be a hit in the Heights!


  • malanga es malanga

    How about a bar in that spot? There is nowhere for a good drink on Montague.

  • Heightser

    Yogurt! 16 Handles.

  • stuart

    To make a lot of money, the best thing for that spot would be a high end infant’s and child’s clothing store. Like the ones on the Upper East Side with fancy little blazers and tailored frocks. Folks in the nabe would pay through the nose.
    Throw in some high-end French and German toys and fuhggedabodit!
    All the baby parents who are filled with guilt about leaving the kids with a caregiver all day will shell out the big bucks for their small tikes.

  • http://chucktaylorblog.blogspot.com/ Chuck Taylor

    stuart… my god, bite your tongue. i hope you’re kidding. i’m with malanga. drink, drink, drink! we need a pub in the center of the heights more than anything… or maybe a 99-cent pizza slice joint. enough with the kid-friendly and women’s fashion outlets, already!

  • prin

    Doubt it will be food. Neither space had a kitchen and there is no permit to put one in. Also that would compete with Heights Cafe… my guess is a lululemon…

  • Wrennie

    I’d take a lulu.