Morton’s Steakhouse On Adams Street Is Cooked

Morton’s The Steakhouse at 339 Adams Street (next to the Brooklyn Marriott) has shuttered, due to “shifting demographics.” The national steakhouse chain was purchased by hospitality company Landry’s Feb. 1; hours later, the company closed down the high-end eatery and stripped off its signage.

The Real Deal reports that Landry’s is also closing the Morton’s in West Palm Beach, for similar reasons. Perhaps also explaining the Brooklyn eatery’s demise, Landry’s VP of marketing Kris Guthrie said, “Over time, demographics shift, and so do the areas in which businesses thrive. It’s because of this that we must close the Morton’s location in Palm Beach.”

Landry’s also owns steakhouse chain McCormick & Schmick’s. Perhaps they were intimidated by the new Shake Shack that opened steps away on Fulton Street?

Thanks to “Nancy,” who tipped BHB in last Wednesday’s Open Thread.

(Photo: The Real Deal)

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  • Bongo

    Good riddance. Absolutely the worst steak I’ve ever had. Tads was better than this sad excuse for a steak house.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    Good riddance indeed. Everything about the place was appalling and the prices were outrageous.

  • Fritz

    Still, why are there so few eating places in that area? LIU, NYU Poly, Metro Tech – do those students and office people all bring their lunch? Go home early?

  • AnnOfOrange

    McCormick & Schmick’s is a seafood restaurant and pretty good for a chain operation. I also heard that Morton’s food is mediocre — so maybe “changing demographics” means that patrons with discriminating tastes didn’t return after their first visit.

  • Quinn Raymond

    I would argue that beyond whatever specific issues the restaurant had, it’s not an optimal location– it’s very cut off from most pedestrian traffic in the area.

  • Gerry

    Mortons in Great Neck is excellent.

    Back in the 1980s when we were told how great MetroTech was going to be and now even Mortons has failed.

    And MetroTech never really made it became back-office operations for SIAC, Brooklyn Union Gas/National Grid has just 4 floors down from the original 33 floors the 30 years lease as an anchor tenant the complex is a ghost town after 5pm even Sids Hardware went out of business.

    That entire area is a dead zone it will be hard for any restaurant to make it down there.

  • Arch Stanton

    I echo Bongo and Topham. The place was a terrible ripoff. for only a few more dollars you can go to Peter Lugers and get a steak that’s a thousand times better.

  • mlo

    Working in that area – it served as a good place for business lunch/and other business events – they also had a decent happy hour – that being said I would not choose to dine there otherwise. It was mediocre at best- I would sooner join Arch at Lugers
    I didn’t see the numbers but from a management perspective I would have considered keeping it there for a longer test ride. It looked like they were starting to get more of the business crowd and there’s a whole lot of new building both commercial and residential -with little options of better places to go. I think the demographic downther will be changing for the better and it was a stupid time to pull out especially after the expense of the build out- it really wasn’t there very long. Oh well- another example of corporate waste

  • Knight

    First White Castle now Mortons. Are vegetarians overtaking Downtown Brooklyn?

  • Joe

    Sweet Melissa on Court is also closing. Not due to changing demographics but to rising rents.

  • Jorale-man

    You’d think the Marriott will be scrambling to find a replacement for Morton’s. That was probably a selling point for the hotel.

    Not to sound bitchy but what’s with the photo resolution on this blog lately? I think someone is stretching out photos beyond their pixel maximum pixel size. Just a heads up.

  • WillowtownCop

    This is the one star review I posted on Yelp (it isn’t possible to post a no star review):

    “I was waiting for a court appointment one day and thought I would treat myself to a steak. Morton’s may not be the worst restaurant in all of Brooklyn – I’m sure there must be somewhere worse, right? Perhaps not. If the food were just boring, it could be forgiven for being a cheesy Atlantic City casino restaurant, but it was actually just bad. I had a GIANT onion roll, a bad, limp caesar salad with packaged crutons, a way overcooked steak (I like mine still mooing and dripping with blood – most restaurants are too afraid of the health department to accommodate me), potatoes with no gravy, and a cheesecake that they didn’t bother to defrost properly so they could at least pretend it was fresh. I won’t tell you what I paid for it, but you can probably guess.The booth I sat in was seriously uncomforable as well – the table was way too high and close to the bench.”

  • Nancy

    Part of the problem is the high school they opened there. I work in the building there and there are weekly fights that break out amongst the kids, many necessitating the police being called. Doesn’t help. I’m not sure I understand what the “changing demographics” means. There is more tourism than ever in that area. The food just wasn’t good. They also own The Chart House and the Crab Shack. We could use that more than an overpriced steakhouse