After 30 Years, Final Curtain Call For Overtures In January

After 30 years at 216 Hicks Street, chic stationery and gift boutique Overtures will be closing in mid-January. According to manager and the designer of its lustrous window displays Jerry Morin, owner Michael Davidson decided to shutter the beloved boutique with an eye on retirement amid a testy economy.

Beginning on Boxing Day, December 26, Overtures will begin a “Goodbye Sale,” with markdowns on its fine selection of gifts, candles, home fragrances, bath and body, paper and party goods and jewelry. The store is open most days from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

New York magazine recently offered a tasty write-up about the destination, saying, “Since 1981, this chic stationery and gift shop exudes the same history-steeped elegance as its picturesque Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. Even typical souvenir items retain a degree of understated sophistication.”

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  • weegee

    Scented candles and the sounds of Broadway. The antithesis of Hauter’s/Silver’s around the corner, but now joining it in infamy and childhood memory.

  • AnnOfOrange

    This is so, so sad. There is nothing comparable to Overtures anywhere else in Brooklyn Heights. Michael and Jerry will be greatly missed along with their impeccable taste in jewelry and other gift items and their lovely presentation, especially the window displays.

  • AmyinBH

    It is a loss for the neighborhood and a loss to one of the most attractive stretch of storefronts I have ever seen in Brooklyn. (I miss Seaport Flowers decorated for Christmas in their old spot.)

  • RemsenGal

    You know, the Dara Ettinger next door is also leaving… I wonder who will fill the spots? Either way, definitely a loss for the nabe on both accounts!

  • GHB

    She’s been there less than a year, no? What happened?

  • Hayley

    I bought some holiday gifts from Dara E this weekend. She said that they are separating their retail and wholesale businesses, b/c it is distracting to have them in the same place. She is moving warehouse and office to the garment district and looking for retail in Nolita.

    She said that the location was tough b/c of low foot traffic and that fashion editors balked at coming out to Brooklyn to see her… total bummer.

  • soulman

    I always buy my cards there and my wife has many pairs of earrings that accompanied the cards for every occasion. It’s a family tradition that I’ll miss!

  • :((

    This is terrible news. I have enjoyed every shopping experience I have ever had there. It was my go to for all gifts. This is a real loss.

  • Andrew Porter

    I used to buy my cards there, but for several years they did not have the full line of Fusion Designs cards, which use the artwork of Leo & Dian Dillon (fantastic award-winning artists and friends of mine for decades), plus that of their son Lee. I buy those cards at the FD gallery on Atlantic, betw. Henry and Clinton.

    Overtures’ other cards are excellent, but I never bought any of the sidelines they sold. I’ll be sorry to see them go.

  • Eddyenergizer

    Sad loss indeed. They always had the perfect gift, especially in those “last minute” situations.

  • sara

    Say it’s not true!!

  • stuart

    it must be a profitable business, why are they closing it? Why don’t they sell it to someone who will carry on? This is unacceptable!

  • Joe

    I love the store and the owner. I’ll never forget the time I bought two large lamps and Michael helped me carry them home. True loss to the neighborhood.

  • Jorale-man

    A real shame. It’s places like this that give Brooklyn Heights its character and charm. I’ve always gone to them for cards and such. Much better options than our myriad of drug stores. Too bad.

  • Gerry

    @ Stuart if the shop was making money it would NOT be closed.

  • Alexandra Kustow

    My very best wishes to Michael and Jerry for the best of everything in their retirement. They are two of the nicest people and I shall miss them. Always gentlemen. Always interesting and pleasant to talk with. Always with impeccable taste. Their gorgeous store will be sorely missed. Can’t imagine anything worthy taking it’s place. It will be a major loss to our neighborhood where chains have gradually taken the place of unique and individual stores and their equally unique owners. The very best of everything to you Michael and Jerry.

  • BronxKid

    Overtures was a gem of a store. Lovely gifts, great cards, fabulous music playing while you shopped — and a gracious and helpful staff. Been shopping there since I first moved to Brooklyn in the late ’80s and buying most of my holiday gifts there for the past few years. I will miss it!

    Sure hope we don’t get another nail salon in its place.

  • M on Willow

    That’s a shame …

  • GHB

    @Jorale-man – Yes, a real shame. Sadly, the charm of Brooklyn Heights is no longer derived from retail. Now it’s just the housing and the views (and rightfully so!). Too bad, because it could be a great shopping/eating destination.

  • Big Dave

    We always get our cards there, as well as other gifts, so the loss leaves a retail void. But, we are happy for Michael and Jerry moving on to the next chapter!

  • Gerry

    Retail on Montague Street is at an all time low I never saw such a crummy lot of shops nail salons and cell phone stores.

  • nabeguy

    So sad. I bejewelled my wife with quite a few items from Overtures over the years, and always got the best cards there. 30 years is a very impressive run for a retail store, even in the Heights I’m heartened to see that this is the result of a personal decision and not a dispute between the landlord and proprietor, who I wish the best in his retirement.

  • princess

    I called the store when I got an email from them that they were closing. My spousal unit and I have shopped there for years. They told me that Michael and Jerry are retiring! It has nothing to do with the business…the guys want to RELAX! I am soooooo sorry that it has to end. Now only Lassen and Hennings remain from and era of Ma & Pop stores here. Anyone remember Leaf & Bean on Montague? (sigh)

  • Lauren

    Are there any other similar gift shops nearby?

  • GHB

    If you consider Park Slope nearby. NKH Gallery on Court Street in Cobble Hill closed a couple of months ago. It was kind of similar, and a nice place, but they’re gone. Sad…

  • Jenny

    I remember Leaf & Bean…they had the best coffee, cute gift items, and a sweet little place to eat. I will greatly miss Overtures. Over the past 20 yrs. that I’ve lived in the hood, I’ve gotten tons of one of kind trinkets…gorgeous earrings, necklaces, body creams and cards. You will be greatly missed! Grateful you were here while I was too!

  • eloise

    You cannot go. I won’t let you.
    I NEED YOU !
    I am angry.
    Sidney Place – Heights

  • http://l Lori Klein

    I used to think i moved to BH from the EV because of the Leaf and Bean — and to live near my sister. I still miss L&B but for 20 years I enjoyed my Overtures experiences. It was so personable and the store had such beautiful things. Michael would say, “Hi! How are you?” or “How’s your sister?” Even though I was there to pick up 3 or 4 cards, it seems i never left without spending $100 — sometimes on gifts, sometimes on me. My last purchases were 2 gorgeous frames and I am so glad I have them now…I wish I had known. Probably would have bought the whole store. Jeez. No overtures. Just nowhere to buy a special card, or gift, or stationery, or wrapping paper. Happy Trails, guys! You and your jewel of a store will be missed!!!!!!!!

  • Lesia

    my very best, warmest wishes to Michael & Jerry! So glad I had the chance to see you in the shop in the spring! A loss for the neighborhood, a new adventure for you! Call if you come west!

    lesia, previously of hudson street papers