Learn About Brooklyn Heights Plant Life Thursday

This in from Promenade Gardener Jonathan Landsman:

This Thursday at 12:30 PM, the Promenade Gardeners are hosting the first of our winter gatherings: Plant Trivia from Brooklyn and Beyond. We’d love to invite interested members of the public to join us for this first class and snacks. We sit, chat, look at photos of plants, and Koren and I ask some tough and not-so-tough questions about plants we interact with in daily life in literature, medicine, popular culture, and our walks on the Promenade. Half of the 90 minute meeting is devoted to plants of the Promenade, with a special emphasis on what was bought and planted last year using funds raised by the Promenade Gardens Conservancy and through our bake sales. Joining the group will give one an early taste of spring and a little extra appreciation for plants in our day to day life. Those who’d like to come should RSVP to the hostess, Koren Volk, at volkkoren@hotmail.com and she will provide location details.

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  • Andrew Porter

    Last week I attended Plant-a-Rama at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and picked up some great plant and seed catalogs. However, my landlord would likely frown on my tentative plans to spread several inches of soil throughout my apartment and install grow lights. Check out