Downtown BK’s Historic Offerman Building At Last Gets New Life Via TJ Maxx

The beautifully historic but long-suffering Romanesque revival Offerman Building along Fulton Street Mall is at last getting the facelift it so deserves. As H&M continues its new-construction two-story glass modernist build-out next door, TJ Maxx will open a downtown Brooklyn store at 505 Fulton Street, according to signage that appeared within the last week.

Imagine Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani having presence on Fulton Street (albeit last season). This long-promised renaissance may well take hold, after all, as developer United American Land has its eye on fully developing the block at Fulton and Bridge Street, after demolishing the Offerman annex to build H&M.

Meanwhile, downtown Brooklyn’s City Point up the block continues to take shape, first comprising a four-story 50,000 sf retail building on Albee Square across from the landmarked Dime Savings Bank building. In all, that project intends to encompass 1.5 million square feet of retail and residential.

The Offerman Building’s upper floors are rumored to be going residential, so it appears a full reno is forthcoming. The handsome structure was built in 1890 by Henry Offerman, at the time one of the tallest buildings in Brooklyn. It is best known as the location of Martin’s department store, which ushered other major retailers to the area, including A.I. Namm & Son Department Store and Abraham & Straus (today, Macy’s).

Read a full history of the building on The Smoking Nun blog here.

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  • BronxKid

    Finding it a bit difficult to imagine Giorgio Armani on Fulton Street!

  • Muskrat

    Who remembers Martin’s? As a little girl, I loved going shopping there for “good” clothes! It will be a pleasure to see this beautiful building’s exterior restored, if that’s what’s actually happening.

  • AEB

    Why, it’s going to be Baghdad on Fulton Street! Can’t WAIT to do all my high- (or do I mean medium-low?) end shopping there!

  • JV

    Why, so negative? Isn’t it better than what’s there now? I think it’s great that the whole area is getting a face lift with stores that people know and love and will actually go to.

  • Gerry

    TJMAXX/Home Goods offer a great selection of inexpensive stuff for the home this is a great store for the area all of the transient people around here will shop for house stuff at TJMAXX I hope its open for the season of spring cleaning

  • Gerry

    i love a clean house!

  • Hicks St Guy

    agree with JV, TJ Maxx is a very value conscious chain with some very good offerings, don’t understand the negative reaction, unless it’s just racist.

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    I spent the first 12 years of my life living in East Flatbush (long long time ago). My mother used to take me and my sister shopping to A&S for special occasion clothing. We were people of very limited means so taking the bus to A&S in “downtown” Brooklyn was a very big deal.
    When I moved from LI to Brooklyn seven years ago I wandered over to Macy’s at the Fulton Mall. I walked in the door and immediately recognized the beautiful elevator doors. I finally made the connection to the fact that Macy’s was the A&S I had known as a child. It was a beautiful store and it was considered high-end in my time. I am happy that new stores will be coming to the area and rejuvenating that neighborhood.
    My husband and I tried to get into the Shake Shack last weekend and the line was way too long. I was surprised and delighted to see so many people enjoying the Shake Shack as I know their were negative comments made awhile ago because of it’s location.
    Happy to report that the location was just fine with most people!

  • Andrew Porter

    Perhaps with the upward pressure on Fulton Mall, some of the sneaker and wig stores there could move to Montague Street? Such a move might halt the upward spiral in commercial rents here in BH.

  • stuart

    the proposal is not really to restore the glorious Offerman Building to its original grandeur but rather to remove the more egregious alterations at the lower portion of the facade and make the storefronts look nicer and more inviting. It will be a big improvement.
    Stores like TJ Maxx, appealing to a wide spectrum of consumers, is just what Fulton Mall needs.
    Nothing ever stays the same, things change always, it’s good when the change in question results in the rehabilitation of a wonderful historic building.

  • Nabeguy

    Will their prices be 20% Off-erman?