Lost Dog: Lili, a Shiba Inu

Reader Ramen Cromwell sends this plea:

Last night, February 7th, at about 9 pm my dog Lili slipped out of her collar while being walked by her walker on Court street and Livingston. She was last seen moving toward Smith street. Once I was informed of the situation l joined the search and walked the streets until 8 am this morning. I am exhausted but hopeful that Lili will turn up. Lili does have a chip but she isn’t wearing a collar so I would greatly appreciate any help spreading the word that there is a lost dog out there and two parents who miss her very much. Lili is a year and a half year old Shiba Inu who is about 23 lbs. with a golden brown coat and white face. Any help in finding her will be greatly appreciated and there is a reward for her safe return.

The photo is not Lili but a representative photo of the Shiba Inu breed. Ramen Cromwell can be reached at blackwaterfilms@gmail.com

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  • CrankyOne

    I will keep my eyes open and alert everyone I know. I hope you find her. :-(

  • Gerry

    This is horrible my worst nightmare to think of my dog out on the streets alone all night. I hope that you get your dog back home soon.

  • Anna B

    Ugh, this is terrible. My worst nightmare. I’ll keep my eyes open. Really hope you find her.

  • Ann W

    I think I may have seen this dog on Schermerhorn btwn Court and Clinton around 9:30pm last night. There was a man walking a dog not far behind, so I assumed it was his dog. I’m so sorry I didn’t ask him!

  • http://chucktaylorblog.blogspot.com/ Chuck Taylor

    my god, this breaks my heart… my mini-schnauzers are tentative at best during our daily walks… spencer is a shy guy, but abby is always searching around ever corner. one night a couple weeks ago she was determined to find action and her leash slipped out of my hand and she tore up montague street and around the corner to henry. i thought i’d have a stroke running after her… thank god she was enamored by a tree along the sidewalk. ramen, please let us know if Lili comes home.

  • Montague St. Neighbor

    I am with you all in saying this is one of my worst nightmares as well! The day my border collie mix, Finn, escaped from me on montague street as little pup, was terrifying. I was lucky to have found him. My heart goes out to you! Let us know when you find her. I’d suggest plastering the neighborhood with flyers! So sad :-(

  • http://theshiba.com Dan
  • http://none MJ

    I went to college very close to that area, it’s an extremely busy area in terms of traffic and population, I hope she is safe, and that some good Samaritan get’s her to safety. I am sure some one is bound to have seen her because that area is hustling bustling at all times.

  • Amy

    I have a shiba inu that used to get out of collar. Need to use a harness on them. They always slip out of collars. My Shiba has been lost 2 times from jumping our fence, not fun. He was missing for 18 hours and came back hImself

  • http://www.phi-design.org josephine_b

    Keep an eye out for her NEAR your apt as well. My dog was attacked while on a walk with me on our regular walking route. She crossed a large intersection and ended up at our house 3 blocks away.

    We’ll keep an eye out for her.

  • jason

    Saw a post about this on reddit and came here to post it — glad to see that it’s already been covered.

    Best of luck to the owners!

  • Steven Rosen

    Does anyone know if Lili was found?

  • greg

    Lili was found!

  • http://chucktaylorblog.blogspot.com/ Chuck Taylor

    Lili has been found and is home! http://brooklynheightsblog.com/archives/35712