Open Thread Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Open Thread Wednesday might be a little late, but assuredly, the BHB community will make up for lost time.  Comment away! (Photo: Chuck Taylor.)

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  • harumph

    Has anyone noticed that since the Casino has finished its new renovation of the back windows and exhaust systems, it is louder than ever? Any Casino members out there who can tell me who to direct my complaint to?

  • Tony

    There’s much to recommend about the Iris Cafe—good food, pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff. But it irks me to no end that they request that customers bus their own tables. Why are we being put to work? That’s what they have a staff for—and there are plenty of them. The place is not a cafeteria.

  • jim

    Have an old upright piano that needs tuning – Can anyone recommend someone? Thanks!!

  • mlo

    Iron Chef – Grade Pending
    Ozu – Grade Pending
    Clark St Dinner- Grade Pending
    Lassen & Hennings – Grade Pending
    Andy’s- Grade Pending
    Nanatori – no Grade posted

    All of these places had letter A Grades recently…
    Anyone know what’s going on…

  • Wrennie

    On weekends, Iris has table service and they bus the tables. However, I’d almost rather just order from the counter, seat myself, and clean up. I have to usually get up to get utensils and what not myself anyway.

    Also is grade pending, I think.

  • Mr. Softee

    @Jim. Jon Lloyd has tuned my piano in the past (it is also an old upright). He did a nice job and the tuning has held up. His number is (917) 620-5828.

  • Claude Scales

    Jim: Pat Votta, who lives at 57 Montague, is a piano tuner. He’s done work for several people in the neighborhood, and has an excellent reputation. I don’t have contact information, but if you ask a doorman at the building he can probably put you in touch with Pat.

  • Heights Mom

    What irritates me about Iris Cafe is their pretentious use of britishisms, i.e. “toast soldiers.” We’re in Brooklyn, not London.

  • Capulet

    And their Mexicanisms! they had ‘Huevos Rancheros’ as special last Saturday.

  • T.K. Small

    This almost sounds like something from the Stephen Colbert show.

  • soulman

    Mlo – it’s obviously a new marking period. Their teachers are going to get the grades in any minute now.

  • Flashlight Worthy

    I asked the owner of Iris Cafe — Rachel — about the Pending grade. She says (and I believe her) that they popped in One morning to do a surprise inspection just as they were in the middle of sorting through the contents of a fridge that had died overnight. All that food sitting on the counter? Even if it was destined for the trash anyway? Many points off.

    Personally, I trust their cleanliness to the ends of the earth. They prepare do much in plain sight — so much more trustworthy than 95% of the restaurants in the city.

  • Kanye West

    Who is the bagpipe player I hear all the time from my apartment on Clinton Street?

  • Andrew Porter

    KW: Perhaps the same piper who I used to hear in Cadman Plaza Park practicing in recent years.

  • grumpy bert

    Have some vegetarian friends coming for a visit, any recommendations?

  • Jorale-man

    The bagpiper practices on the roof of a building of Livingston Street near Clinton sometimes. I haven’t seem him since the weather was warm last fall but he’s often up there doing “Amazing Grace.”

    Funny, I don’t hear that many musicians in the neighborhood usually aside from a pianist in one of Brooklyn Law School dorms.

  • AL

    I’m boycotting Iris Cafe because last time I ate there on a quiet weekday morning, a guy with attitude swept up my plate just as I took my last bite of breakfast – I hadn’t even had time to put my fork down – and whisked away the small dish of chutney I planned to eat as “dessert.” WTF??? Also, 3 screaming toddlers wreaking destruction on salts and peppers, vases, etc, their moms looking on adoringly.

  • T.K. Small

    The law student is rehearsing in anticipation of unemployment…

  • KT

    Can anyone tell me about the older gentleman with the suit and shiny cowboy boots that I have been seeing in B.H. for years? He is a lovely man who always makes my day, and I’m sure he has been here a lot longer than I have!

  • lori

    Just realized that the BHA Annual Meeting is being held on Ash Wednesday, an evening when many churches have their Ash Wednesday service. Also, it is President’s Week when the schools are closed and many people are on winter vacation.

  • AmyinBH

    Did anyone else see the man (aprox. 5’5″ ish – not good estimating height) walking north on Henry Steet around 8:45am today with his hand in his pocket clearly practicing self pleasure? It was rather disturbing. This very much not acceptable public behavior. Sorry all “free thinkers”, those who will make snarky comments or say he has “rights”, but if this makes me a prude or a yuppy snob so be it. I am accepting of a lot of things. I draw the line at public lude behavior.

  • Montague St. Neighbor

    I don’t hear a bagpipe player on Montague street…only a really, really REALLY loud drummer drumming away on his drumset in the Breukelen at 57 Montague, usually on Fridays. Get a practice space or practice pads! It’s so loud my windows shake across the street :-(

  • Christina

    Anyone know what all the banging is in the nabe tonight? Sounds like a backward attempt at Morse code on steroids.

  • dneighbor

    Asbestos alert! Those with small children should avoid Hicks and Jorelemon. Uber rich reno is allowing asbestos to be disturbed when it should remain entombed.
    Note also the loss of 8 rent stabilized apartments to be replace with one home for the 1%.
    Note to city: less real estate taxes.
    Asbestos stinks but something else stinks worse.

  • hicks-ter

    Any recommendations for a handyman? This is a bigger job at our small building (we need stairs repaired).

  • Willow St. Neighbor

    If someone is exhibiting lewd behavior like you just described, they might be mentally ill. Best to just stay clear of them and hope that you do not cross paths again.

  • Master Of Middagh

    Just want to thank all of you again who gave me barber recommendations for helping me get a trim for my beard. I went the other day to the place in the Clark St. station. The older fellow wasn’t there, but a guy named Tommy did a fine job. I’ll probably be going back there for haircuts from now on, too. Nice little place, nice people…

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    @Grumpy Bert, I’d recommend Siggy’s on Henry Street. Delicious even for non-vegetarians, but tons of good vegetarian options.

    Of course even though that is just my own opinion based on several great dining experiences, this blog wouldn’t be true to itself if this post wasn’t immediately followed by comments telling you how disgusting Siggy’s is, and to avoid it at all costs…commence bickering!!!

  • CrankyOne

    I love Siggys!

  • jim

    Thanks Claude and Mr. Softee for the piano tuner recs!