Open Thread Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Open Thread Wednesday might be a little late, but assuredly, the BHB community will make up for lost time.  Comment away! (Photo: Chuck Taylor.)

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  • grumpy bert

    Thanks ColumbiaHeightster – I might have to give Siggys a try!

  • Master Of Middagh

    I’m a non-vegetarian and I can tell you that a meat eater ought to HATE Siggy’s with a passion. A little bit of nasty grilled chicken isn’t going to cut it with most omnivores.

    My suggestion? Go to Vegetarian Ginger on Montague. There’s no meat there, but some of the options are still tasty for meat eaters. Otherwise, I would recommend going with Indian food because they always have a mix for both.

  • Hayley

    I generally eat vegetarian and my husband is a big meat eater and we order from Siggy’s at least once a week. He is obsessed with their steak sandwich and I’m partial to the quinoa salad – yum!!!

  • harumph

    as someone above stated – one blogger at least will hate on Siggy’s, so I guess that’s gonna be me. Don’t like the place – I’ve had rather disgusting meals there (once dining in and once taking out) enough to never have me go back. And the service was…um…odd.
    @grumpy – they have great vegetarian dishes at some of the Thai places on Court Street (yes, I realize that it is in Cobble Hill) but it has GOT to be better than Veg Ginger on Montague!

  • EHinBH

    Siggy’s is pretty good, actually. The owner was on the show Chopped not too long ago…

  • weegee

    MoM – Glad you enjoyed Tommy! It’s actually his place, if I’m not mistaken.

  • AL

    Still get sick to my stomach at the thought of the hamburger I had at Siggy’s – smothered in some kind of tomato-vegetable sauce, completely overpowering the taste of the beef.

  • catharine

    My husband and I are both vegetarian, and we’ve had really bad luck with food at Siggy’s — not all that good and way too expensive for what we got. Vegetarian Ginger also wasn’t very good — too much sauce and really salty. But, for what it’s worth, Lantern has some really good tofu dishes and Iron Chef has some interesting vegetarian rolls to choose from. Oh! But if you’re willing to come over to Cobble Hill, Wild Ginger is probably the best all-veggie place around here :)

  • grumpy bert

    Thank you for everyone’s veggie suggestions/opinions. We ended up at Siggy’s. I ordered an omelette, figured you can’t go wrong with an omelette. It was pretty good, nothing to rave about, but good. Also had an almond drink that was tasty too. The only thing that sucked was the wait. It was pretty crowded and seating is limited.