#OccupyWallStreet Comes to Brooklyn Heights [Video]

Karl Junkersfeld ventured out to Cadman Plaza Park this evening as hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters flooded in after their march over the Brooklyn Bridge. Watch his video after the jump.

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  • Jorale-man

    Um…Can’t we all just get along?

  • http://bivforbrooklyn.com Doug Biviano

    “Also on the chopping block are around 3,000 spots for kids in the Department of Youth and Community Development’s Out of School Time program, which provides after school services.”

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/city-budget-proposal-includes-pink-slip-pain-workers-cuts-city-schools-fdny-companies-article-1.979944#ixzz1eD8VjMYp

    Youth Community Development was part of the “redundancy” of which Commissioner Parvizi passed on PeaceNYC and is discussed in the proposal itself.

    @Bloomberg — it’s time to speak out against our bloated military budgets and, at first, ask Obama and Boehner, to throw a few billion to our cities instead. If they say no, then demand it by pounding your fist on every news show and comedy daily show that will have you. This is one of the many messages of OWS…just listen for once.

  • Master Of Middagh

    Topham has already made it clear in another thread that he actually IS an anti-Semite. He’s also clearly stated that he is prejudiced against Catholics, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims and ANY member of an organized religion. He has said that it is not enough for him to simply dislike people of faith but that he sees it as his duty to actively discourage people from exercising their right to religion by calling them any number of names or rude remarks for believing in what he thinks is foolishness.

    Honestly, if one of you hadn’t provided a link showing otherwise, I would have just assumed the swastikas were actually made by Topham.

  • Livingston

    Like it or not, being anti- anything is part and parcel of having the freedom of thought and speech. We all do not think alike nor should we.

    :”I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” is the basis of the 1st Amendment.

    I, for one, am extremely distrustful of the p.c. “thought police” mentality.

  • Master Of Middagh

    @Livingston- I understand what you’re saying, but could you please explain how you feel about people who use their First Amendment right to free speech for the purpose of discouraging others to exercise their First Amendment right to the practice of their religion? Such a position would be a little contradictory, would it not?

  • Livingston


    I don’t see any contradiction. Topham is free to say it, we are free to ignore it.

  • Livingston

    Or debate the merits.

  • Tony

    Master Moron of Middagh:

    Are you incapable of seeing a difference between intellectual argument and government prohibition?

  • Master Of Middagh

    @Tony- Why, of course I am. I don’t see what that has to do with my complaint, though. Oh, right. I forgot. It’s because you’re also bigoted against anybody who isn’t an atheist like yourself.

    I’ll make it simpler for you- Even though a person has the 1st Amendment free speech right to say that other people are wrong to exercise their 1st Amendment right to religion, he is an idiot for saying so. Understand my point now?

  • off position

    Everyone above this comment, please turn your blog comments to the OFF POSITION. save your breath.

    Karl thanks for the video.

  • Master Of Middagh

    @off position-

    “Everyone above this comment, please turn your blog comments to the OFF POSITION. save your breath.”

    Ah-hahahahahaha! Ah-hahahaha-SNORE….

    That wasn’t even close to anything resembling wit. And you’re a fool to make a comment asking others not to comment in a place where comments are encouraged.