New Turf Down, Cadman Park Open!

We don’t have stats, but we’re guessing the synthetic turf replacement at Cadman Park was finished in record time. The work started August 14th, so that’s under a month. Much shorter than the 2-3 months we were warned about.



As of early evening today, soccer players were on the field, kids were frolicking, and Luis was back serving ice cream from his cart. All is good in north Brooklyn Heights.

But, there’s been several reports of dogs being back on the turf as of this morning. For those dog owners, the Brooklyn Heights Association, who advocated for years to have the turf replaced, would like a word.

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  • nomoredogcrap

    Why is it so hard for dog owners to go somewhere else. there is Hillside park just a couple of blocks away. our neighborhood has a serious curb your dog problem, with feces all over the sidewalk, and now on the turf. I know there are plenty of dog owners who respect it but SOOO many who don’t.

  • Andrew Porter

    “My wonderful doggie would never do his business on the turf! How dare you say otherwise!!!”

    Dog owners are sooo privileged around here, sigh…

  • B.

    Why’s it so hard for drivers to stop for a red light instead of whizzing past the three cars ahead of them and racing through? Why’s it so hard for people to carry coffee containers and candy wrappers to garbage cans either on street corners or at home instead of dropping them anywhere? Why’s it so hard for restaurant shed owners who offer music to customers to lower their outdoor amplification — or for dinner goers not to shout?

    City living is one thing, but living among slobs is something else. Hence dogs on artificial turf, which in of itself is a lazy way of keeping playing fields green.

  • Nomcebo Manzini

    As it happens, pretty much all of your other “bad actors” are people who do not live in Brooklyn Heights. Yes, we have people who double-park poorly and all that, … but most Heights residents (in my experience) value where they live and act accordingly.

    Except for perfectly average dog owners. They know WHY they’re in Cadman Park at 7 AM – canine biology controls quite a bit of their lives – but they’re like overly indulgent parents, who never go beyond, “That’s not where mommy/daddy want you to go!”

    I’ve noticed that “new Americans” dominate the traffic enforcement force that tickets cars…. Hard-working immigrants should also get good City jobs dealing with the trash cans that runneth over every weekend. It’d SAVE money vis a vis trying to reduce the rat population that so loves once-a-week street cleaning.